Thursday, February 15, 2018

Desert View - Day 97 - Out of the Grand Canyon

7:30 am - Thursday - February 15th - Flagstaff - 36º F, humidity   86%, wind 9 mph out of the west by southwest.......heavily overcast.....the snow is melting.

Originally....several weeks ago.....we had planned to go hiking on the Hermit's Rest Trail Wednesday, then drive down to Flagstaff late afternoon to spend the night, and then go to my doctor's appointment on Thursday, but we were concerned about ice and snow on the Hermit's Rest trail after the last storm so we opted to leave around 10:30 am and drive into Flagstaff to spend the day......have lunch and maybe even see another movie.

We were in the car around 10:10 am and on our way south on SR-64 connecting to US-89 which takes us the rest of the way into Flagstaff.  We arrived in Flagstaff around  11:30 am and made our way across town to have lunch at Beaver Street Brewery.  We've been to Lumberyard Brewery twice now, and we like it a lot, but we thought it was time to check out the other breweries in town of which there are several. 

I ordered a pint of their R&R Oatmeal Stout, and TLE a pint of their Chocolate Raspberry.  For lunch I had their Margarita Chicken and TLE their Arizona Quesadilla.....everything was yummy including the brews!

 Beaver Street Brewery

It was after 12:30 when we finished eating and our movie was back across town at the Harkins Theaters beginning at 1:10 pm so we began our drive back arriving at the Harkins Theaters parking lot around 12:50 pm.  By this time it had started to rain, and the forecast called for snow around 5 pm.  So, of course, I am sure you may be wondering what movie we chose.......Maze Runner: The Death Cure......sounds like a Seinfeld made up movie title, right?  We had seen the prior to installments of this franchise and liked them so it was a natural for us to see the third one.  Nothing like a good 'post apocalyptic' themed movie on a wet, stormy afternoon.  Other than TLE and I there where 3 other people in the theater.  We enjoyed the movie.  IMDB gives the movie a 6.9 stars out of a possible 10, but we would be at 8.0.....definitely worth the price of admission, and then some.

By the time we exited the theater at 3:40 pm the snow had already begun in earnest.....giant snow flakes chased us all the way to the VW.  We had reservations at The Residence Inn, but had one stop at Walmart before we headed back downtown to claim our suite for the night.  By the time we came out of the store it was really snowing hard......

Exiting Walmart

.....we quickly stowed our purchases in the car, and headed back downtown to check into our room.    We checked in quickly, and managed to snag the last spot in the hotel parking lot in the back of the hotel....sweet!

We were in our room warming up by 4:45 pm.....I snapped this picture of the park across the street from our 4th floor room near the corner of Humphreys and Aspen.....

Residence Inn, Flagstaff, AZ.....4th floor view of the park across Humphreys

.....we quickly settled in watching more Winter Olympics on NBC and NBC-SN.....

Our studio apartment for the night

.....we finished off the evening watching Mikaela Shiffrin win the gold medal in the women's giant slalom race.

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1 comment:

  1. Movies... we hadn't seen many in awhile.
    We're in Yuma these days & a theater is not too far. We first went and "The Post", it was well done but it did show me a world that I remembered but is gone today. It was worth the money.

    Yesterday we went & saw "Darkest Hour".
    A few weeks back we picked up "Dunkirk" from the redbox, it was both a great movie and educational.
    With what Dunkirk was all about in the back of our mind we watched "Darkest Hour".
    Oh wow! A powerful movie!
    Those were tough days & I'm going to have to see that movie again!

    I've seen the previous Maze Runner movies & I do intend to see this one but it helps to hear it was good from someone else :-)