Thursday, February 1, 2018

Desert View - Day 83 - Doing the Prescott

6:36 am - February 1st - Prescott, AZ - 39 degrees F, 35%, humidity, wind 4 mph out of the south by southwest......sunny skies forecast with a high of 69 degrees F.

We slept in until 7 am Wednesday and were out the door driving to Prescott, AZ for two days and one night......this would be the furthest we have ventured from Desert View (144 miles) since we arrived back on November 6th.  The shortest route, ironically, was going west through the Village, through Tusayan and south to the I-40 in Williams.  From there we drove west about 16 miles taking the US-89 exit south to Prescott.

We were last in Prescott about 3 years ago.  It is a lovely mountain town which sits at 5,600' elevation.  The temps in Prescott run about 7-10 degrees warmer than Desert View.  For the first time since November I wore short pants and my Teva was wonderful!

We chose to spend the night in Prescott as we had a lot of things to accomplish, such as a haircut for moi, get a battery for my Nixon watch, get the protective glass replaced on both our phones, shop at Trader Joe's, COSTCO, and Fry's, gas up at $1.88/gallon, and have a late lunch at Prescott Brewing Company......our favorite local micro brewery.  Now, we could have done all that in one day and driven home, but where is the fun in that?  I was able to get us a very nice hotel room at the Marriott Residential Inn, which is right across the street from COSTCO and Trader Joe's, plus the watch place where I could get my watch battery installed.

We arrived in Prescott around 12:15 and immediately set about getting a few chores done.  First up was to get TLE's protective glass screen replaced.  It turns out she has the ZAGG screen which must be ordered (FREE) from ZAGG directly, then bring it in to the Verizon store to have the broken one removed and the new one installed.  We then it was over to the watch place to get my new watch battery which was replaced in less than 5's now 1:30 pm and time for a late lunch....

Prescott Brewing Company

 .....we reached the downtown area of Prescott around 1:40 pm, found a parking spot, walked about a block over to Prescott Breweing Company, and were immediately seated in the 'Atrium' area of the restaurat, which is essentially an indoor, outside the restaurant eating area inside the three story mall in which Prescott Brewing Company is situated.  We both ordered their Achocolypse Porter (you could smell the chocolate from a foot away) and their Fish & Chips.  You can see I am once again wearing my Nixon's been 'down' for a couple of months since the battery expired one day at work.  We had a lovely hour lunch, but it was time to head out to our next chore.....get the protective glass on my phone replaced.  I last had this glass replaced when we were on our way to Yellowstone last June.  I found a 'Go Wireless' Verizon store (non-corporate store) in Elko, NV, and I got their Premium Glass which is warranted, and can be replaced for free in one of their stores.  Unfortuntely, they did not have the glass in stock for my Galaxy Note 5 phone, but called another store which will UPS it to their store overnight, we are hoping it will arrive Thursday around noon, before we head out of town.

Next up was a shopping foray at Fry's and then to their fuel station were we used our 90 cent per gallon credit to fill up the VW tank.  Okay, enough for one was after 3:30 pm and time to head to the Residence Inn to check into our room.  The room is  called a STUDIO apartment with full kitchen, a living room with the bed in an alcove.....quite large......way larger than our Newell!

We spent the evening reading, and then watched the 'Amazing Race' at 7 pm, which is the Mountain Time viewing.  Our DirecTV is on the West Coast feed so we get it at 9 pm, which is usually too late for us as we go to bed around 9:30 pm when we are working.  Nice to see it earlier for a change! We were in bed before 10 pm.....a very nice day will be 69 degrees F on Thursday.....more t-shirt, shorts and flip flops weather!  We'll do our COSTCO and TJ's shopping, get my glass replaced and a haircut before beginning our drive back to Desert View.

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