Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Desert View - Day 95 - Half days and half pipes

5:52 am - Tuesday - February 13th - Grand Canyon - 33º F, humidity 30%, wind 4 mph out of the southwest.....cloudy....snow on the ground.....forecast high is 43º F......very cloudy.  It snowed a little overnight.....maybe a 1/2" to 1"....hard to tell at this hour.  It will be a crunchy walk to work this morning!

Monday was a very weird weather day.  We had a very fine snow most of the day which did not begin to 'stick' until late afternoon.  All the while the sun kept coming out while it was snowing.  Sometimes the snow looked quite heavy, but it was just not cold enough for it to stick.  I guess that would be called the "best of all worlds"......it snowed all day long but there was ZERO accumulation during the day.  After TLE got home it began to 'stick'.

Most of Monday, except for the weather, was a 'copy and paste' kind of day.  Even though I only dropped $76.89 I did a lot of large credit card sales.  Due to the snow and cold outside we sold a lot of gloves, watch caps, and sweatshirts......those pass as big ticket items in the General Store.  One family dropped close to $200 buying these items.....they had not come prepared for snow.

I had planned to wet mop the retail floor, but knowing it would be snowing most of the day I decided to wait until Tuesday morning to do that.  I did, however, dry mop the entire store.  No surprisingly, I did not pick up a lot of dirt.....we have not had a significant amount of foot traffic in the past few days.

Time passed relatively quickly, and there she was, TLE, right on time at 11:55 am to take over for the afternoon.  We're both enjoying having the same schedule every day we work now.  Now that the Winter Olympics have begun I can watch Olympic events in the afternoon.  The American men and women continue to dominate the snowboarding events.

I was home by 12:40 pm, even though I left the store at 12:20.....due to the wet snow I opted to not walk through the forest as all the earth there is red clay, and we all know what happens to red clay when it rains......it clumps and sticks to everything!  Being a somewhat wise person at times I walked the longer way around and, therefore, arrived home with no red clay mud on my boots!

Since it was Monday it was also 'dump the black tank' day.....the tank must be dumped rain, snow, or shine, so there I was shortly after arriving home, all bundled up against the snow and wind doing my duty so life in the Newell can continue without interruption.

I was still watching the Winter Olympics when TLE arrived home.....I heard the car door shut, and was at the door opening it as she came around the back of the Newell.  One more day completed her at the Grand Canyon, and one more day left in our 6 straight days of work.  Thank goodness we are only working essentially 1/2 days......kind of takes the sting out of a long work week.

We watched the American Women dominate the 'half pipe' competition taking home gold and bronze, with another American woman taking 4th place.  A young (17 I think) girl named Chloe Kim won the half pipe easily.....she was just way better than the rest of the competition.

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