Monday, February 12, 2018

Desert View - Day 94 - So cliche......

5:49 am - Monday - February 12th - Grand Canyon - 37º F, 54% humidity, wind 13 mph out of the south by southwest.....partly cloudy with a forecast high of 42º F.

"Another day, another dollar", or so "they" say, or "second verse, same as the first", or "there is nothing new under the sun".....I wonder how many cliches I can write here to describe the sameness of each work day lately.  I get a little tiny bit frustrated when I sit down each day to compose my latest missive describing the events of the prior day knowing my description, for instance, of Sunday could be a description of any work day these past few weeks.  I feel as if I am just "copying and pasting" my daily blog, or "mailing it in" as others might say.  At any rate, here we go once again......what happened Sunday?

Let's see......I got up at 5:20 am.....I went to the bathroom, I weighed myself, I took my blood pressure, I poured a cup of coffee, I turned on the TV to watch 'Golic and Wingo' on ESPN (which, by the way, I like much more than the former 'Mike and Mike' politics......on the weekends there is no Golic and Wingo so I watch English Premier Soccer), I sit down to begin composing my latest offering, I eat some dry cereal, I floss my teeth, I then brush my teeth with my battery powered Sonicare electric toothbrush, I get dressed, and am out the door walking 1/2 mile to work by 7:15 am arriving there 9-10 minutes later.  That is pretty much what happens every single work day.  I am a creature of habit.

When I arrive at work I type my secret employee code into the time clock, make sure it comes back with my name and the time I punched the clock, I take off my watch cap, my coat, my gloves then pull my off the shelf reading glasses out of my shoulder bag, and the bluetooth speaker I use to connect to my phone so I can play music during my shift.  I then turn on all the store lights, turn on all the lights in the numerous display cases, I read and record all the temperatures of the various coolers, I fill out the 'Opening Procedures' checklist so my supervisor knows I did all the stuff on the list, I count in my cash drawer, I vacuum, I dry mop if needed, or I wet mop as needed, I make the first pot of coffee for the Deli, I walk around fronting all the product in the grocery section, I straighten all the hanging t-shirts, I dust as needed, I clean the glass on the four entry doors, the ice cream bunkers, and all the glass doors on the beverage coolers (there are many), I check date codes and pull product which has expired, and by that time it might be 8:30 am......only 4 hours to go!

The rest of my day consists of standing by the register as customers come into the store to be ready to answer questions, give directions, discuss hiking trails, weather, or process their purchases.  Around 11:55 am TLE arrives like clockwork to take over the afternoon shift, I then pull my cash drawer, count down my cash drawer, secure my 'bank' in my lock box, fill out the deposit sheet, and then drop my deposit in the safe all being witnessed by another employee.

I then put back on my jacket, watch cap, and gloves, pick up my shoulder bag and put my reading glasses and bluetooth speaker back, enter my employee code in the time clock once again, and begin my 1/2 mile walk home.  I guess I could just copy an paste that part every morning and then spend 5 minutes writing about anything that was even slightly different from the day prior.  For instance, Sunday I turned on the TV upon my return home to watch the Winter Olympics.....that will be happening every day now until they end on February 25th.  There was Curling, Snowboarding, Figure Skating, Cross Country Skiing.....something for everyone.

TLE arrived home by 5:30 pm, and proceeded to make some scrambled eggs with cut up steak, spinach, etc......delicious. We continued watching the Winter Olympics mostly watching the women's snowboarding competition won, eventually by another American, who also won the gold medal four years ago.

I was in bed a little after 9:30 pm......that was my day in graphic detail.  That is pretty much how each work day goes.......I look forward to our days off work....those are always different, and there are always lots of pictures, right?

Of course, all the preceding happens while we are staying at the Grand Canyon......the job is not for the rest of my life, just a few more weeks.  I wake up in beautiful scenery every day....I walk to work through the forest, and I can step outside the store any day of the week to see the Grand Canyon.  That is the cool part.....all the rest is just "window dressing" (lol....I ended on another cliche!).

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