Sunday, June 7, 2020

Hunkering down.......

8:28 am - Sunday - June 6th - Island Park, ID - 43° F, 98% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the north......heavily socked in today.....rained all night.....forecast high today is 47° F, so we are just 4 degrees away from that........we have full hookups this morning.....snow forecast for later today, and tomorrow....the view this morning......↴

It was surprisingly warm (65° F) Saturday morning as we finalized our packing, and trailer organizing, considering the fact that it was supposed to be storming later in the day, and that was the reason we were leaving our beloved boondocking site for the security of full hookups near Island Park, ID.  The warm temps did make it easy to finish what we were doing, and by 8:45 am we were rolling our wheels out of The Big Eddie vowing to return again...... we headed west on Idaho 33 out of Driggs we bade farewell to the ever majestic Grand Tetons.......

.....within 30 minutes we had transitioned onto US-20 northbound to Island Park, and hopefully a couple of sites at Henry's Lake State Park, but it was not to be.  I had checked their website that morning and saw there were only two 28' sites available in the entire park, and there had been no cancellations, so it was on pretty quickly to 'Plan B'.....get a couple of sites at a nearby RV park to ride out the coming storms until Tuesday.  US-20 is an exceptionally nice secondary road, and for the first 10-15 miles it was a divided highway eventually narrowing to two way traffic.  We only had to make one long (4 miles) climb from about 5,400' to 6,400', and eventually reached 7,000' feet by the time we reached the Valley View RV Park just across the highway from Henry's Lake.....

Henry's Lake across the highway

.....we arrived at Valley View (and they do have a view of the valley) around 11 am, and were promptly checked into site G-10, a pull through, which is long enough to accommodate our Newell and trailer, but they have a policy against trailers being kept in the site with RV's so I had to drop it in their storage yard.....oh well, it's only for 3 days.  Our black tank was about two thirds full, and I thought about waiting until we left to dump it, but I also knew we would be pretty much stuck in side for those three days using only our facilities, and did not want to have to dump it in the forecast snow so went ahead and I dumped it right there and the sewer, of course.

We were setup in our sites by 12 pm, and settling in for the fast approaching storms.  By 6:45 pm the rain had begun in earnest, and a few minutes later the 40 mph winds arrived.....for awhile the rain was going sideways, and the coach was rocking side to side.  Since we were 'cabin bound' for the evening we binge watched 'Maine Cabin Masters' until bedtime......kind of a nice way to spend a rainy, windy evening!

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  1. With the new satellite dish and 50 mph winds, does the TV picture " pixilate" much?

    1. Three was a lot of pixilation when the wind was at its worst, but under 20 mph very little.