Thursday, June 25, 2020

The Devil you say!

6:16 am - Thursday - June 25th - Devil's Tower, WY - 63° F, 73% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the northwest....partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 80° F.....we had an amazing electrical storm begin around 2 am with winds, then heavy rain.  We had to get up just before it hit and stow all our awnings, including the patio awning.  The view this morning......↴

After 2 delightful days lazing around the campground on Lake de Smet it was time to roll our wheels once again.  By 8:50 am we were on our way back to I-90 and the eastbound lanes, but for just a few miles....we needed to dump our gray and black tanks and TLE had found a free dump station at the CENEX fuel station in Buffalo, WY.  By 9:15 we were parked next to their dump station and doing the deed.  By 9:35 am we were back on I-90 eastbound through rolling countryside.....a little up, a little down....over and over again......

.....eventually we left I-90 for US-14, which would take us to Devil's Tower, WY, our destination for the day.....

.....soon the tower came into view, and then it was just a matter of a couple of miles until we arrived at Devil's Tower View Campground.....

.....where we quickly paid for one night ($45) for electricity only (50 amp)....the other places here are really expensive, so what's not to like about an actual view of Devil's Tower, and electricity to run your A/C units on a very warm 91° F afternoon?  Claude and Gail  had stopped in Moorcroft, WY to visit a local museum, but arrived about an hour later.....

....setting up in site #5, right across from us (we are in site #2).......

.....TLE and I were here back on June 29, 2013 very briefly....we were traveling with two Newell couples and friends, the McClouds and the Oliviers, with whom we were headed to Alberta, Canada.  It was suggested we take the US-14 loop by Devil's Tower on our way to Great Falls, MT, so we did.  As soon as we turned off our engines in the visitor center parking lot I began to wonder how we would extricate our large rigs from this tightly packed parking lot.  We stopped for about 20 minutes, took the obligatory pictures, and were on our way west again after some tight maneuvering out of the very crowded parking lot.  I have always wanted to do the hike around the base of the tower, which is why we are here almost 7 years later to the day.

We spent the afternoon inside the air conditioned wonder of our individual coaches, but met for dinner at the campground diner around 6 pm for dinner.  We all agreed to meet at 8 am Thursday morning to drive in the VW the 5 miles over to the visitor center to do the aforementioned hike.  The food was surprisingly good....I had their bacon cheese burger, while TLE their Reuben (of course!), and Claude and Gail their fish and chips.

This little 8 site campground with electric only (no water, no sewer) is perfect for a quick overnighter.  They have very nice restrooms and showers....I know, because I used one of their showers whilst TLE took hers in the coach, and they do have a nice onsite gift store, and restaurant.  Thursday we roll our wheels again to Keystone, SD where we will spend two weeks....time to be in one place for a while!

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  1. Back in the 90's we stopped at Devils Tower with the whole family and set up our tents. I believe we were at the the KOA. They showed the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" on a projection TV down at the club house, it was neat sitting there watching the movie with Devils Tower in the moon light.
    The kids loved the pool!