Saturday, June 6, 2020

It didn't blow me away.....

6:39 am - Saturday - June 6th - The Big Eddie, ID - 65° F, 35% humidity, wind 19 mph out of the south by southeast.......partly cloudy with very windy conditions  all night, and today so far......forecast high is 67° F.  Thunderstorms later today, with more rain Sunday, Monday and Tuesday....time to roll our wheels!

And the winds blew.....and blew.....and blew.....pretty much all day Friday the winds blew.  With those prevailing conditions it was easy to focus on beginning to put stuff away in preparation for our reluctant departure Saturday from The Big Eddie.  We have a number of increasingly inclement weather days fast approaching and it is time to head for the comfort of hookups while we ride them out.

My friend Claude installed a household fridge in his 1984.5 Bluebird Wanderlodge when his Dometic absorption fridge died a while back, so he needs to deliver AC power to it on a regular basis to keep the temp down around 40° F.  To do this he has been running a 2500 watt Yamaha generator, and even his onboard diesel genset every few hours to keep it it cool.  I suggested to him that he find a way to deliver AC to the fridge via his 1750 watt inverter continuously during the day when he has plenty of sunlight flowing through his 680 watts of solar panels to keep his batteries from being depleted in the effort.  He had been told by the guys at AM Solar that his inverter could not handle the power needed by the very small household fridge, but that did not seem right to me, so we ran an extension cord from the inverter to the fridge, and it worked just fine.  The fridge draws about 6.5 amps when it runs, but it only runs 20-30 minutes out of each hour cycling on and off every 20 minutes, or so.....problem solved.  

The rest of the day was spent reading, and napping....not much else to do with the strong winds blowing out of the southeast.  Around 8:30 pm the winds abated, and I lit a fire in the portable firepit.  We had some trash to burn, some cardboard boxes I had broken down, and some wood so we made an evening of it.....


....eventually the fire came up to 'operating temperature', and the trash/cardboard was consumed pretty quickly......

.....around 10:30 pm we called it quits for the night as the wind was begining to make a comeback.....

......storm clouds moving arriving via the wind obscured what was sure to be an interesting moonrise.....

.....we'll be on the road by 9 am Saturday heading toward Island Park, and Henry's Lake State Park hoping we can snag a couple of  'first come/first served' sites.

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  1. 6.5 amps on a 120-volt AC circuit is only 780 watts, so his inverter has plenty of capacity as long as he isn't running other appliances.

    1. Mike, you are right. He also has an ice maker on that circuit, which he had to turn off to run the fridge.

  2. A fire always puts us in bed much later than intended! Great evening with friends!