Monday, June 1, 2020


6:45 am - Monday - June 1st - Rock Springs, WY - 58° F, 51% humidity, wind 8 mph out of the southeast.......high clouds today with a forecast high in Rock Springs, WY of 84° F.....the view this morning.......↴

Walmart RV park in Rock Springs, WY

Our Sunday destination was a modest 120 miles from Jensen, UT....Rock Springs, WY.  We last set foot in Wyoming back in October of 2017 when we departed our summer job at the Mammoth Hot Springs General Store in Yellowstone.  Wyoming has always been one of our favorite states to reside in, and travel through.  TLE and I hauled our anchor around 9:30 am and were on our way westward on US-40 into Vernal, UT where we merged onto US-191 northbound....this is a new secondary road for us, and I had no idea what to expect........ wasn't long before we began our first long climb of the day.....all the way from 5,000' in Jensen, UT to over 8,400' at Daggett Pass......

......over the course of 120 miles we surpassed 8,000' in elevation 3 times.....

.......the views we encountered were stunning, and unforgettable.........

 Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area

Taking a 30 minute break at the Flaming Gorge Dam parking lot/visitor's center

 (Picture courtesy Glenn Parker)

 (Picture courtesy Glenn Parker)

(Picture courtesy Glenn Parker)

 I don't remember driving across a dam in the Newell before, but there's always a first time for everything

.......we pulled into turnouts on numerous occasions to soak in the beauty, and snap a few pictures to memorialize the experience..... we were making our last descent of the day to I-80, and Rock Springs, TLE caught this great picture of the sun lighting up the distant was stormy, and we saw numerous lightning flashes in the distance.

We arrived at the Walmart in Rock Springs around 1 pm after a 3.5 hour drive along one of the most amazing highways we have traversed in some time.  We've overnighted at this Walmart on 3 prior occasions over the 8+ years we have been on the road.  In that 8+ years we have logged over 67,000 miles touring this amazing country, and we have still only just scratched the surface of what there is to see.

Glenn and Laureen arrived around 2:45 pm, and found a spot to park overnight about 100 yards in front of can see their 1984 Newell in the center of the picture below.....

....TLE and I quickly walked across the street to the local Starbucks to purchase our favorite blended ice drinks....mocha frappuccino for moi, and a vanilla bean frappuccino for is one of the perks of staying overnight at this Walmart.

After winding down with our individual frappuccino selections we walked into Walmart to do our customary shopping, which we always do as a 'Thank You!' to them for allowing us to use their facilities.

Later in the evening Glenn and Laureen came over bearing the gift of ice cream will always get you in our!  We spent time talking about the boondocking site near Driggs, ID, and the surrounding area before bidding our adieus for the evening.

We'll be rolling our wheels within 2 hours ever northward to Driggs, ID where we will boondock for 7-10 days right on the banks of the Teton least that is our Jello plan.  The boondock site is a first come, first served area, but we are relatively confident we will be able to secure a couple of sites....fingers crossed!

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