Monday, June 15, 2020

Wind, but no rain......

7:06 am - Monday - June 15th - Island Park, ID - 33° F, 97% humidity,↴ wind - CALM....clear, very cold skies today with a forecast high of 64° F......first time in two weeks there has been NO wind.  On this day in 2017 we drove our rig from West Yellowstone, through Yellowstone National Park to Mammoth Hot Springs where we began our summer job working at the General Store......↴

 Madison River....just inside the west gate

 Mammoth Hot Springs General Store

Heading down the Gardiner River Gorge to Gardiner, MT where we parked the Newell for the summer

Sunday we continued hunkering down as high winds buffeted Henry's Lake all day long, and into early evening.  I spent most of the day watching all 18 holes of the final round of the Charles Schwab PGA golf tournament held in Ft. Worth, TX.  That I can write that is amazing....Saturday and Sunday is the first golf I have been able to watch since everything shut down in March.  And that really sums up our Sunday.....we didn't go anywhere, drive anywhere, or do anything except stay inside out of the wind.

Sometime after 8 pm the wind stopped blowing and I was able to go outside and capture this shot of Henry's Lake.  The skies were beginning to clear which foretold of a very cold evening, and indeed it was.  The overnight low got into the low 30's, and for the first time in a month the inside temperature got down under 50° F......47° F to be exact.  Why does it get that cold inside when we have gas heaters?  Well, we don't like to run them at night as they are too noisy, and keep us awake, so we put an extra blanket over the spread, and stay quite comfortable.

Picture taken after 8 pm.....stays light until 10 pm

We will be rolling our wheels our of Bill Frome County Park in less than two hours heading for Bozeman, MT and a visit to the local COSTCO Pharmacy where I will refill my blood pressure medication prescription for the first time in 3 months.  We'll either spend the night in Bozeman, or continue another 27 miles to Livingston to spend the night there.  It looks like we'll have rain Tuesday and Wednesday (90% chance according to the weather guessers, but they also predicted 80% chance of rain here in Island Park for Sunday.....hardly got a sprinkle).

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