Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The 10 percent.......

7:10 am - Tuesday - June 2nd - The Big Eddie, ID - 54° F, 58% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the southeast......cloudy today with a forecast high of 70° F.....the view this morning......↴

 The Grand Tetons in the background.....one of the most 
amazing boondocking sites ever.

We did not sleep well Sunday night.  We're not used to being in the middle of a busy business district in an Interstate town after all of the remote places we have spent the lsat month.  We're used to it being pitch dark, and very little sound at night other than wind, or birds....you know, the natural stuff.  Anyway, as a result we were up just after 6 am, and on the road to our ultimate destination for the day by 8:30 am.....Glenn and Laureen, as is their custom, followed a couple of hours later.

Out of Rock Springs we drove a couple of miles east on I-80 picking up US-191 again and continued our trek northwest to Driggs, ID.  Compared to Monday's drive into and through Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area which was a lot of steep climbs, and big descents, the first 180 miles on US-191 Monday was easy peasy.....just set the cruise control and hang on to the steering wheel.  It was the kind of day you dream of.....giant views, and straight roads......

 The snow capped Rockies coming into view

.....after passing through the small town of Pinedale, WY we began to trace the path of the Hoback River through this beautiful mountain river valley.....

 Along the Hoback River 

  .....eventually we began the long descent into Jackson, WY and the countryside began to get much greener, and lusher......

.....just outside of Jackson we hit a big construction zone, but traffic continued to move along, and the snow capped mountains loomed ever closer.....

.....in Jackson we would leave US-191 for Wyoming 22 and directly west towards the Idaho state line....what we did not know was that get there we had to climb up and over Teton Pass, which took us from around 6,400' in Jackson to over 8,400' in just a few short miles consisting of 10% grades as far as the eye could see......11.2 miles to be exact to the summit.......

.....we ground along at 14-15 mph all the way to the top with a couple of stops to let the big Detroit Diesel cool down a tad, but eventually we topped out and began the descent to the Idaho border and ultimately our destination near Driggs, ID.......

At the Idaho border Wyoming 22 becomes Idaho 33

......back in 2016 I read a blog post by Linda Gray Davey (The Chouters) about this amazing boondocking site they had found about 6 miles west of Driggs, ID right on the Teton River with a view of the backside of the Grand Tetons (she also wrote about this place here).  Ever since then I have wanted to come and stay at that amazing place, and Monday that dream became reality......

 Minutes after arriving at The Big Eddie

......in Driggs we were instructed to turn left on Bates, then drive about 5.5 miles out of town to W. 6000, or Parson Road, a very well maintained dirt road for 2 miles, then turn right onto W. 2000, or toward Rainey Bridge.  From there it is .9 miles to the campground, and is that drive ever worth it.....

......everywhere you look is beautiful....especially the view of the Grand Tetons.....

.....the sign says you can camp here free for up to 10 days, and I think that is just what TLE and I will do.  It's time to be still for a while, and not change our view for at least the next 10 days....what do you think?

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  1. Beautiful area, the Tetons are a really magical range.

  2. Tetons and Yellowstone are two of our favorite places in America! Nice to see people are out and enjoying as your boon docking spot shows! Such a beautiful drive over Teton Pass, we know it well. We agree stay right where you are for the next 10 days, just too beautiful !!

  3. We visited both the Tetons and Yellowstone last year. We loved it there. You have a beautiful view. Enjoy your time there!

  4. I can't believe this kind of site exists in this day and age. Been a long time since I've traveled much, but park and NOT pay for up to 10 days in such a glorious location? Unbelievable. ENJOY!!

    1. We are enjoying. There are still a lot of places like this....million dollar views for free.