Sunday, February 2, 2020

9 years in.....

7:32 am - Super Bowl Sunday - February 2nd, Riverside, CA - 50° F, 48% humidity, wind 7 mph out of the north by northeast......clear, cool with a forecast high today of 74° F.

On February 1st we celebrated our 9 year anniversary of living full time in our 1982 Newell Classic Motorcoach, and 8 years of traveling hither and yon.  As we begin the 10th year of full time RV living we still cannot imagine living in a sticks and bricks home any time soon.  We love our home on wheels!

I began Saturday working TLE's new eBike....the bike is made in China, and distributed through 5 warehouses in the USA.  The bike name is YIIYYAA....I have no idea how to pronounce it, but TLE loves it.  It comes with a 500 watt electric motor, and a 36 volt lithium 10 ah battery.  Its range in full electric mode (no pedal assist) is about 17 miles, and using electric assist up to 37 miles.  The normal brake setup on any bike is the right brake lever controls the rear brake, and the left brake lever the front, but whoever assembled this bike had them reversed, so I had to spend some time moving said levers to their proper positions.......

 The fully assembled YIIYYAA

 The 500 watt motor mounted in the rear hub

 36 volt lithium 10 ah battery pack

 TLE's Selle Anatomica seat transferred from the Cannondale

 7 speed rear cassette (Shimano)...21 speeds in all

 3 chain rings in front

 Shimano mechanical disc brakes

Some Rock Bros. platform pedals

.....once I had the bike adjusted I raised the seat and took it for a test spin to figure out how the controls was actually quite intuitive.  As I have reported, it has 5 electric assist modes while you are pedaling, a full electric mode which you control with a thumb activated  throttle button.  It also has, and I did not know this when I bought it, CRUISE CONTROL!  Once I was satisfied I understood its operation, I lowered the seat and turned it over to TLE.  She rode around the parking lot several times, and I heard her "oooohing and ahhhhing" as she rode circles around me.  Of course, the great thing is if the battery should go dead while on a long ride she can always utilize the 21 speeds she has available to return to home base.  For $700 and change I think we got a good deal, and I did purchase the three year warranty available for $39.  Right now the wheels are affixed to the bike via nuts, but over the next month I will convert them to quick release axles, which will eliminate the need for a wrench to remove the wheels.....must more convenient when repairing a flat tire on the road.  We'll add a bike rack, with a trunk bag, and the ability to add panniers (saddle bags) so we can carry groceries home from the store, if need be.

At 2 pm we were off in the VW to Brayden James' birthday party being held at Chuck E. Cheese in Rancho Cucamonga.  We arrived a little after 3 pm to find the party in full swing.....

 Little Crosby, who was the birthday boy last Saturday

 Three of my girls

 Brayden James, the birthday boy this Saturday.....4 years old!

 Crosby and Jamison

 Brayden James with Mom....getting ready to blow out the candles

Chuck E. Cheese doing his thang......

......there was pizza, chicken, bread sticks, punch (beer for those of age), and entertainment by Chuck E. Cheese himself.  By 5 pm the party was winding down quickly, so we said our 'until next times' and headed for the barn.

We've thoroughly enjoyed our time in Riverside, and visiting with our kids, and their offspring, but we are ready for some down time in the we come Borrego Springs!

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