Monday, February 10, 2020

New, old stock.....

7:39 am - First Saturday - February 10th - Borrego Springs, CA - 45° F, 97% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the north.....mostly cloudy, with occasional sprinkles....forecast high for today is 60° F.  Rain should stop by 2 pm....we'll see.  The view this morning is spectacular.......↴

7 can see rain in the distance

7:40 am - you can just see the beginnings of a rainbow

We awoke to fierce winds out of the west....definitely not a Santa Ana, but still warmish just like a Santa Ana.  There were clouds hovering over the San Ysidro Mountains to the west.....

.....according to the weather report those clouds were supposed to move toward us and bring rain by 11 am, but they stayed right there, and we had a very nice sunny day reaching 100% on our battery charge by 12:30 pm.  It was far too windy to be outside....I even had to take our flag pole down and stow it in the trailer along with all of our chairs which had blown over during the night.

So, what to do on a windy day?  Well, there are always projects festering in the back of my mind, and one project of which I have been guilty of extreme procrastination is replacing the damaged formica strip on the shelf above the toaster oven....

.....above you see I have removed the damaged formica, and have masked off the area so I can apply Scotch brand spray adhesive to the (now cleaned) surface.....below you see the damaged formica strip laying upon the formica stock that came with our Newell....... you can see it has a long damaged area, plus a crack right in the middle.  So I removed the damaged piece and took it out to the trailer to use it as a template to cut out a new unblemished piece from some of the new/old formica stock we have been carrying with us for 12 years.  We inherited 5 large pieces of this formica which had been passed from Newell to the first owner, who passed it to the second owner, and then to us.  At any rate, once I had traced out the pattern using the broken piece I used my Black & Decker 'dremel' with a small cutting wheel to cut out the piece (I had the Honda generator plugged into the trailer for this task)..... came out almost perfect.....let's say passes the '2 foot test'....if you get up close you can see a couple of imperfections, but I have learned not to let perfect be the enemy of good, and it is good.  After applying the Scotch brand spray adhesive to both surfaces, and letting them sit for 10 minutes I applied the new formica piece, and it looks great.....

.....thank you TLE for your patience, and for only reminding me every six months, or so to fix it......I love you!

I spent the rest of the day inside reading, napping, and watching golf using power from our 2,000 watt Heart inverter.  We watched a couple of Hallmark movies, and were in bed a little after 9:30 pm waiting for the pitter patter of the forecast rain which had not yet arrived.  I woke up around midnight to hear that pitter patter, turned over and went back to sleep with a smile on my face.

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