Tuesday, February 11, 2020

A light show to remember.....

7:48 am - Tuesday - February 11th - Borrego Springs, CA - 61° F, 17% humidity, wind 21 mph out of the northwest......clear, dusty skies today with a forecast high of 69° F.

The pitter patter of rain could be heard most of the night, and we awoke to heavy cloud cover, and a few continuing sprinkles.....

....due to the heavy cloud cover, and the very real prospect we would not get any sun, or very little sun Monday I immediately pulled out the Honda 2000i generator, connected our umbilical cord into her 20 amp port, and began sending much needed electrons into our two large 8d batteries.  We were at 84% on our battery charge around 7:30 am.  By noon time we were back to 96%, which, frankly, surprised me.  I shut off the Honda and let the sun which was beginning to peak out from behind the clouds to the southeast of our position do the rest of the work.  

We headed into town to do our laundry which has not been done in 2 weeks.  As we did when we were here a few years ago we headed for Palm Canyon Hotel & RV Resort, which has a nice laundry, albeit expensive.  While TLE got the washers started I decided to walk next door to check out Desert Sands Vintage RV Park.  We had passed by this interesting park on our way to Octotillo Wells back just after Christmas, and I wanted to get a closer look.....

.....as I walked up the aisle to the park office I could not help but notice the beautiful vintage trailers.....

....I had seen an ad in Workamper.com for this park a few months ago, but they were looking for a year round couple, and that would not work for us, plus the summer heat would be a deterrent, but maybe in the future, who knows?  I talked for a few minutes with Tom and Debra, the managers, about the park,  and when I asked about future employment they referred me to Warren, the owner, who just happened to be on the premises.  I called him, and then walked further up the aisle to meet him.  We talked for 30 minutes, or so, and I could see myself working for him.  He is also an eBike enthusiast, so we have that in common.  

By the time I returned to the laundry TLE was putting the washed clothes in the dryer.  We sat in the car talking about my conversation with Warren.  We both love Borrego Springs, and could see ourselves living here for a year, but in the future....not now.

After a brief stop at Central Market to fill up one of our 5 gallon collapsible containers, and then at the gas station to fill up one of my two 5 gallon gas cans we were home a little after 2 pm......the Blue Sky monitor showed our batteries had reached 100% while we were gone.

It was really too cold, and blustery to be outside, so I spent time reading, and napping, and sometimes just staring out at the big view we have.  Around 4:30 pm the wind had abated, and it appeared we were in for a gorgeous sunset, so I set up the chairs once again, and chopped some wood for a fire in preparation for one of the more spectacular sunsets we have witnessed in some time. It began subtly enough a little after I had lit the fire, and continued for over 40 minutes.....

 Find your seat and get ready for the show

 Ready for the light show!

....ending with this giant, panoramic shot around 5:15 pm.....life is good!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I continue to love your blog and just be a part of all you are doing in life. The sunset show was gorgeous 😁😁❤️❤️

  2. I been Reading Your post from day one and read it ever night, I'm in Tuscaloosa Alabama, and we used to travel the USA, Canada, and parts of Mexico I enjoy your past, and don't miss it, if I do I always catch up, lot of the places you visit we have been there.....Have a Great day, wish you had posted more pictures of the vintage park.........Ottis

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Ottis! I'll try to stop by the vintage park and vey some more pics for you!