Thursday, February 13, 2020


7:25 am - Thursday - February 13th - Borrego Springs, CA - 33° F, 66% humidity, wind - CALM.....clear, blue, chilly skies this morning with a forecast high today of 69° F.

Wednesday we were able to take our twice aborted hike to the snake sculpture.  We left around 10:30 am for the 3.1 mile round trip hike.  The air temperature was perfect for hiking, and the light breeze kept us cool, calm and collected as we walked to toward the hills to our west.  It seemed so strange not to see 2, or 3 dozen RV's scattered across the plain.  We have not been to the snake sculpture for 3 years, and we always wonder if it will still be there, and still be intact along with the numerous other rock sculptures.  We always wonder if there will be new sculptures.  Well, we were not disappointed in any of our 'wonderings'....everything was still there, still intact, and there were several new ones.  The following is a pictorial relation of what we saw, as well as a couple of short videos........

 This is a new one....took us a while to realize it 
was a surfer catching a big wave

 The 'Darwin' fish (see the legs?) - new

 Bald eagle

 Pinwheel - new, I think

 Desert bighhorn

 Arrow through a heart - new

 The snake...about 36' in length

 Elephant - new

 Saguaro - new

 Gecko - new

 Space ship (right) heading to the moon (see the crescent to the left) - new



 Ocotillo - new

 Real ocotillo

......we spent around 45 minutes in and around the area finding one new rock sculpture after another.  It is remarkable in this day and age that these sculptures have not been molested in any way over the years they have been here.  I do not know how many years the snake sculpture has been there, but I think between 15, and 20 least.

After our photographic interlude we continued on our 'loop' hike and could just see the Newell 1.5 miles away.......

....the trails here are not maintained by any government, or private authority, just by regular use of visitors to the area.  They are in very good condition considering that fact, and are easy to follow......

.....on our way back to the Newell we came across another form of art....someone gathered together things they found laying about and created this interesting tree sculpture....

.....we were home around 12:30 pm, and spent the rest of the day outside on the lido deck enjoying the wonderful, windless weather.  Around 5 pm we were joined by our neighbors Fred and Sandra for another sunset fire, and interesting conversation...... was not a spectacular sunset, but it was our sunset, nonetheless....

.....around 6 pm, after Fred and Sandra headed home, I turned on the Sea-B-Que in preparation for the grilling of TLE's famous cilantro grilled salmon....the finished product is just more evidence that I am loved.....what an amazing dish!

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