Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Monday recap.......

10:45 am - Tuesday - February 18th - Los Algodones, Mexico - 66° F, 56% humidity,  wind 6mph out of the northeast. 

As I write this short update we are in Los Algodones, Mexico getting our teeth cleaned at Dr. Urena's dental office.  I will write more later about Monday..... here is a sunset video from last night..... enjoy!

4:55 pm - Tuesday - February 18th - Borrego Springs, CA - 80° F, 12% humidity, wind 9 mph out of the southeast.....the high today was forecast at 77° F, but as you can see it hit 80° F.

Monday was a day for another bike ride into Borrego Springs for breakfast at Kendalls's Cafe.  We left on our ride around 9:15 am, arriving at Kendall's just before 10 am.  We once again secured seating in their al fresco dining area.  I had their 2 egg breakfast which included hash browns, bacon, and toast.  As we sat there enjoying the late morning we chatted on and off with a couple eating at the next table about this and that.  I am always pleased to meet new people and learn about them.  They were about our age, but had not completely retired, however, they were in Borrego Springs looking at property for their retirement.  I urged them not to wait too long.....you never know what lies around the next corner.  We've been retired for 8 years now, and even though things were not perfect for us financially when we did, we still had our health, and have not regretted our decision for one single minute.  We decided not to wait for the perfect time, but to grab life by the horns to see where it would take us, and what a ride it has been.

Our ride home was so pleasant, especially for TLE.....when she got tired of pedaling she just used the accelerator to cruise along next to me until she was ready to pedal again.  The eBike has changed our lives, and has enabled us to be more active.....together.......I am so grateful for that.

Another 18.4 miles logged

We needed to replenish our drinking water supply so we drove back into town to buy 15 gallons more at $1.50 per 5 gallons, and were back home within 30 minutes relaxing the rest of the day on the 'lido deck' reading, napping, and just taking in the big view right in front of us.....we have a million dollar view, and it is free.  We just park here, and enjoy each other, and our wonderful life as vagabonds without a care in the world....how cool is that?

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