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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

TVC Office - Day # 27 - Status Quo

As we edge toward September one thing is already clear......it is getting darker earlier in the evening and staying darker longer in the morning, and now we are running both heaters in the morning to warm the coach up for human habitation.  Other than a week, or two in the middle of July we have run at least one heater every single morning......that is a summer first for us, and actually quite pleasant when you give it some thought.  I would rather run a heater an hour in the morning than AC all day long.....how about you?

After the deluge Monday, Tuesday was quite sunny, although still very cold......again, my use of the term "cold" is relative......it's cold relative to say Palm Springs, or Phoenix, or Dallas.  It continued to be extraordinarily quiet here at TVC, and no one is complaining....we all know what is coming in less than 48 hours.....the Labor Day Crush....and then it will be over just as suddenly as if you turned off a light switch.  The park will empty out next Monday, and by Tuesday the pool and two of the four campground sections here will be closed for the winter.

There were very few arrivals and departures Tuesday, and we had pretty much caught up on all the "busy" work around the campground and the office.....we are in sort of a holding pattern until Thursday when things will begin to heat up once again.  

It is difficult to believe that by the end of Tuesday one week from today we will be almost 300 miles north and west from our current location where our Newell has not moved an inch since May 17th.  Over the next 3+ months we will cover just under 2,000 miles and added a treasure trove of new memories.

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