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Sunday, August 31, 2014

TVC Office - Day # 29 - SRO!

Saturday, August 30th, was everything I thought it would be and a little bit more.  When I reported for duty around 7:50 am there was already a gathering crowd of customers waiting for the double glass doors to open at 8 am.  I immediately began to get my terminal up and running, but discovered a problem with the print queue left over from the day the technician attempted to integrate the new Ricoh copier/printer/fax/scanner into our network....it was loaded with a bunch of print jobs that were sent to the old printer, which is no longer connected to the network.  Ultimately I had to reboot the computer to clear the print queue.   By the time I got the computer back up and logged into DigiRez (our reservation/office management system) the line was 3 deep in front of me.


Initially there were three of us.....Billy, Duane and myself.....working through the customers.  Finally by 9:30 things had quieted down  and I went out to check on the late arrivals left over from the night before (Billy kept the office open until midnight to whittle down the list from 50 to 25).  The list of 25 late arrivals was the longest I have seen the entire summer, and it took me the better part of an hour to run through the list one time......an hour is usually all the golf cart can handle before it must be plugged back in, but what I didn't know was Wes (our resident electrician and all around master of many trades and talents) had replaced two of the six golf car batteries and then reconditioned the lot of them.  As I was pulling up to the office to dutifully plug the golf cart back in Wes called out my name and told me not to plug it in....wait, what?  Then he told me what he had done.....as it turned out the golf cart ran strong all day long, and was still going strong at 5 pm when I ended my shift......what a nice surprise, and on one of the busiest days of the summer when we really needed to use the cart a lot.

By 11 am there were zero tent sites available and only a handful of RV sites left, so we began selling tent sites in our "overflow" area, which cost the same as the regular tent sites, only you cannot do ANY cooking, have a fire, or even smoke a cigarette out there.  Usually people who decide to pay the $49 per night are willing to do so because there is NOTHING available anywhere else in South Lake Tahoe....all they really want is just a piece of ground to pitch there tent and sleep.  In relative terms it is less expensive than paying $200-300 a night for a marginal motel room.

As of the end of business on Saturday the campground was pretty much SRO (standing room only) and we are now extremely short timers.......2 full days left in paradise, and moving on to paradise by the ocean.

Chris and Cherie (Technomadia) have been playfully taunting us by posting pictures of the coastline view from Cape Blanco Lighthouse since they arrived a few days ago.

Sunday we will take down our awning lights, pull up the old, ratty awning mat whose service is fast coming to an end, and run the coach over to Raley's fuel station to take on at least 30 gallons of fuel at $3.59/gallon (utilizing our .50 cent off per gallon coupon, of course).  

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  1. I'd love to hear how you were able to get 50 cents off per gallon on fuel?

  2. Hey John! Raley's is a regional supermarket chain. If you buy $250 worth of groceries they give you a coupon worth .50 cents off a gallon of fuel up to 30 gallons at their onsite fuel station.