Monday, March 16, 2020

Cabinet wars.....

8:30 am - Monday - March 16th - Wittmann, AZ - 60° F, 65% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the east by northeast......mostly clear, blue skies today with a forecast high of 73° F.  The view this morning.......↴

I developed a rather long TO DO list Sunday morning to be sure I have even a small chance of getting everything done I need to get done before we depart Arizona in 21 days.  The list began with 18 items (including one I had already completed), and after Sunday is down to 14.  So, 20 days to take care of 14 things.  Some of them are small things and I can see scratching 3, or 4 more off Monday, but there are some bigger things, each of which may take as long as a day each like fixing the following: 1) Tachometer (hasn't worked in 6 years), 2) Getting the gauges for fresh water, and gray water to work again,  and 3) The Thetford valve fix.  Completing the list is doable, but I will have to be disciplined, and methodical if I am to get them all done.  No lounging around, and taking a lot of naps!

Sunday's task was reorganizing the trailer cabinets, and the drawers in the storage bay located to the right of our entrance door......

 Maintenance stuff I need with us after we drop the trailer in 
Washington was moved from the trailer to these drawers


 I combined those two partially used Rainex bottles into one

 After.....yup, that is my old Alaska coffee 
mug....I just could not part with it

The overflow.....

.....this task took me the better part of the day.  I began by setting up two small tables in the trailer initially to hold stuff I was taking out of the cabinet for reorganization within the cabinet, and other things that would be transferred to the drawers in the storage bay to the right of our entry door.  Conversely I pulled stuff out of the storage drawers to be moved either to the cabinet, or into a clear plastic overflow container.  At the end of the day I ended up with almost as much volume in the storage drawers, but way different stuff....stuff we will need to take care of the Newell for 4+ months while we are away from the trailer. The same for the cabinet, but a little less volume to make it easier to access what is in there.

The process revealed a lot items about which I forgotten, and led to the "Why do I still have this?" question.  If you have to ask the question the answer is probably "You don't really need it!"....time to get rid of it, or put it into storage just in case you have a need for it in the future. It also revealed many things I forgot I had that are important to have no matter how long it has been since you needed them like an extra oil filter for the Kohler generator, solenoids, a large 90 amp fuse, extra red and amber lens for our marker lights, fan belts, etc.

I had the TV in the trailer, and the outdoor TV playing old NBA games from the 80's during the Magic Johnson/Larry Bird era in the background, and then the last day of the Mecum Auction in Glendale, AZ while I worked.   I also spent about 20 minutes vacuuming the floor, and rugs in the trailer to rid them of a couple of months of dirt/sand accumulation.

TLE and I continue to be in good health and still asymptomatic to you know what.  The weather continued to be perfect Arizona March weather (other than the 3 days of rain) with temps in the low 70's, and mostly clear skies.

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  1. I hope and pray that you all can cross in and out of Canada as you wish when the time comes.