Monday, March 9, 2020

Water heater wars.....Day 2

8:04 am - Monday - March 9th - Wittmann, AZ - 44° F, 66% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the northeast......partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 72° F.

I started following my friend Tom's advice and cleared my mind of schedules, and time tables.  The installation of the new Girard Tankless water heater will be done when it is done.  I have endeavored to take my time and enjoy the journey, no matter how long it may be. 

 My first task Sunday was to join the two chassis heater hoses together to restore the coolant circulation.  It took a while, but once the two hoses were again joined I attached them to the wall of the water heater compartment to keep them clear of the new tankless water heater..... up was to install the Girard Tankless water heater digital monitor......

......TLE and I chose to mount it on the wall next to her closet in which the water heater compartment is located.....

......I then connected wires to the digital monitor and ran them down the wall⤴ inside TLE's closet along with the wire sending 12 volt DC power to the unit, then drilled a hole in the wall of the water heater compartment to run the 4 wires to the Girard Tankless unit which will be installed at the appropriate time.......↴

......I next cut out and fitted the 3/4" plywood frame to the 16" square hole in the side the Newell using my Craftsman jigsaw, then fitted it to the Girard Tankless water heater frame.  Once that was done I attached the wood frame to the Girard Tankless unit using 8 flathead wood screws.......↴

.......then painted the front of the wood frame gloss black.  The final task of the day was to create a support using the existing 1.5" plywood base, and adding an additional 1/4" plywood layer to support the rear of the Girard Tankless unit.....↴

.....By the time I finished that it was after 3 pm, and time to call and end to day 2 of the water heater wars.

As a reward for my hard day of non-stop work I opened a 22 ounce bottle of Goose Island Bourbon Country Stout.....this Imperial Stout is aged in Bourbon barrels, and is probably the finest example of Bourbon Barrel stout I have ever had the pleasure of sipping, and it is definitely a beer you sip, not guzzle...... comes in a very elegant, embossed bottle.  I bought this 22 ouncer at Center Market in Borrego Springs about 2 weeks ago.....I wish I had bought 6 of them.....OMG!

It was a good day with a lot accomplished.  There is a lot left to do, but I know it will be done when it is done....a much better way to work!

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