Monday, March 2, 2020

Until next time....

7:00 am - Monday - March 2nd - Borrego Springs, CA - 45° F, 65% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the north by northwest.......forecast high today is 67° F.  The view this morning, and also the last morning view in the Anza Borrego Desert this time around......↴

We slowly drifted into a conscious state Sunday morning as the curtains in the bedroom began to take on that all too familiar orange glow as the rising sun sent its warm rays westward.  The forecast for Sunday had high winds beginning around 10 am, so Nick and Kate were busy getting ready to roll their wheels back to their workaday lives in order to beat the wind prediction.  A little after 8 am we had our 'until next time' hugs and wished them safe travels home......

.....their visit was such a brief interlude it seemed we had barely gotten started, but that is the life of a vagabond......always saying 'until next time'.

The winds did come as prophesied by the weather prognosticators, and with some force.  For the first time since we arrived February 4th the wind blew our turf around quite a bit.  I spent time before the winds arrived cleaning all of the passenger side windows, and doing some more organizing in the trailer in advance of VW insertion Monday morning, and by 10 am was satisfied with my progress....not much left to do Monday morning.

TLE and I spent the bulk of our day reading while the Newell was buffeted about by the winds out of the west.   Our current neighbors, Tom and Martha Ann, invited us over around 5 pm for cocktails, and snacks.  We had wanted to have one last parting sunset fire, but the winds precluded that, so we retired inside their travel trailer.  They are from Colorado near the 
Telluride area, and as often happens, have invited us to visit them in our travels.  I always tell people who extend invitations that we will show up some day, so be prepared.  We talked endlessly for almost 2 hours before the wonderful gin and tonics served by Martha Ann took their toll......

....and we headed back to the Newell.  They are both around our age, have visited many of the same places in the southwest we love, so meeting them has been a blessing.  We look forward to connecting with them again down the road.

After a short nap I read until after 9 pm before calling it a day....our final day in the Anza Borrego this time around.....thanks for stopping by!

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