Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Would you care for a very large bowl of Jello?

8:44 am - Wednesday - March 18th - Wittmann, AZ - 54° F, 79% humidity, wind 8 mph out of the east by southeast.....heavy cloud cover with rain in the forecast, and a forecast high of 57° F.

On Monday I called COSTCO to order a refill of one of my medications, and was told it would be ready by 3 pm Tuesday.  That immediately passed out of my brain.....old age I guess.  A little later TLE suggested we make a run into the Glendale, AZ COSTCO first thing Tuesday morning and I agreed, forgetting my medication would not be available until 3 pm.  Since COSTCO opens at 10 am we decided to leave at 9:30 am to make the 30 minute drive.  Just before 9:30 am I remembered the nice lady's words...."Will be available after 3 pm Tuesday" and told TLE.  Immediately our plans changed and we decided to make the drive Wednesday morning.  Now it gets good.....within 10 minutes I received a text message from COSTCO that my prescription was ready for pickup....wait, what?  Knowing it was supposed to rain all day Wednesday we changed our plans again, and were in the VW within 5 minutes heading for COSTCO.  Traffic was light, but as we entered the COSTCO parking lot around 10:15 am we could see it was packed, and there was a line of people with shopping carts snaking up an down the parking lanes waiting to get into COSTCO....doh!

We managed to find a rare parking spot way, way in back and began the long walk to the end of the now much longer line.  Just as we got in line I spied a COSTCO supervisor with a walkie talkie lurking nearby.  I walked over and told him I was just here to pick up a prescription.....he immediately called over a female associate and asked her to escort us into the 1 hour wait in line!  So, one more thing as changed.....going early to a big box store to avoid the crowds no longer works.....go two hours after they open for the foreseeable future as the line outside will be gone by then.  Getting out is a whole 'nother thing.

One of the first things I observed was how well stocked the entire store was....I mean stocked to the gills...... 

 No empty shelves anywhere!

....while the paper goods section was also fully stocked with TP, paper towels, bottled water, etc. there was a ONE WAY line forming near the grocery you entered the line there was an associate there asking if you wanted TP, and if you said "Yes" he pulled a large Kirkland package off a pallet and put it in your shopping cart.  The same was true for paper towels, bottled water, etc.  I love accountability!

As we approached the Pharmacy I could see it was not yet very busy with only two people in line in front of me.  Within minutes I was at the counter and being handed my prescription refill......but wait, it never is that simple....I had ordered, over the phone, a 90 day supply, and the lady was handing me a bottle with just a 30 day supply.....doh!  I explained the error, and she went to check how long it would take to fix the order......40 minutes.  Okay, fine....we did want to buy some fresh salmon, and a couple other things.  By the time we finished finding our items I sent TLE to the checkout line, which was also quite long, and I went back to complete my purchase of my prescription refill....there were still 20 minutes of the 40 minutes left.  By the time the entire 40 minute waiting period had expired, my prescription was, indeed, ready. By the time I walked up to the checkout stations TLE was just two customers away from checking out.....perfect.

In all we were gone from home 2.5 hours (one our of driving time), and it was around 12:30 pm when we pulled up to the Newell.  With the time left in the day I decided to begin the installation of the new 'work' box which precedes, necessarily the installation of the new switch I will use to turn off the charger/converter without unplugging it.  I chose a spot just below three other light switches in the bedroom on the driver's side.  As I suspected the installation of the 'work' box was the most difficult part of the new installation.  It required a lot of trimming, not only in the wall, but behind the wall of other pieces of wood in the way of the switch.  By 3 pm I had the new 'work' box installed awaiting the delivery Wednesday of the new switch, and wall plate.  That part should go pretty fast.....just a couple of wires to connect, and then attach the 'wall' plate.....

......the rest of the day was spent puttering around in the trailer, and relaxing.

On another note, I was watching the news this morning (Tuesday), and they were, of course, talking about the Coronavirus.  The thing that stood out to me was the states where most of the diagnosed cases are right now....New York is #1 with over 2,200 cases....Washington is #2 with over a 1,200 cases, then California at #3 with almost 800 cases.  These 3 states account for over 50% of active cases in this country, and those cases are clustered in and around the large populations centers in those states.......New York/Manhattan, Seattle, and L.A./San Francisco.  If this isn't a convincing case for immediately moving to rural America, I don't know what is.

Additionally, President Trump closed the Canadian/U.S.A. border today to all but essential traffic.....we are not considered essential traffic, obviously.  The closing is indefinite, and could change in a month, but who knows.  So, there it is......Canada is now closed for the foreseeable future, so, therefore, is Alaska.  My brother-in-law, Glenn, sent me this text a couple of days ago...... still makes me chuckle two days later, but believe me, it is beginning to feel like that!  The Jello is jiggling, and it may be time to make a plan 'B'......thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Can you say "Ferry?" Of course, when the Ferry hits an Iceberg and goes down, you and your brother can LOL all the way down into the freezing water.

  2. Glad your Costco trip was pretty successful and awesome to see they are able to keep stocked and limiting supplies like TP. So sorry about the Alaska trip....sure been thinking about you guys since all these shut downs have been occuring. I did love Glenn's post.... can't help but chuckle with you on that. Seems the National Parks are starting to shut down.... Yosemite yesterday. Kings Canyon and Sequoia visitor centers. I think it's only a matter of days and the rest will too and I won't have a job.

  3. I write my plans in the sand with a stick, real easy to change them when the universe tells me too.
    Your BIL has a real good point...