Monday, July 5, 2010

234th Birthday!!

Space #29

Just another way of saying "4th of July". We celebrated America's 234th birthday at Yucaipa Regional Park. All together we had 7 RV's including family, extended family and friends of family members meet at this great San Bernardino County Park. It is difficult to get reservations for Holiday weekends at this park, but we were successful by making them 6 months ago in early January. I have written briefly about this park in my January 6th "Another Country Park".

Elaine and I arrived on Thursday, July 1st. My dad always used to say..."if we can leave on Friday, why not on Thursday?". That's my philosophy, and my wife bought into it "this time"...haha! My grandson, Christopher, asked if he could come with us since his parents were not leaving until the next day. Of course, we said yes. After setting up Christopher and I walked down to the water park, bought our passes, and got in line to use the water slides. There are two of aqua tube that is 290 feet long, and an open slume style slide that is 350 feet long. I didn't like the tube too much as it was totally pitch black inside, and it completely disoriented me. The open flume type on was faster and much more enjoyable. After about an hour and a half we headed back to the campsite.

The rest of our entourage arrived the next day, Friday. The one thing we learned is the northern part of the park is more conducive to satellite reception (fewer trees), and is further away from the road, resulting in NO road noise. If you are concerned about satellite reception then be sure to request site #21 to #32. I was expecting it to be warm to hot this past weekend, but the hotest it got was on Thursday (the day we arrived). The rest of the days it didn't get much over 82, and there was a nice cool breeze blowing most of the time. One thing I didn't realize until we drove the Newell up there is that the elevation is close to 3,000 feet, or so says the altimeter in the Newell. The air was crystal clear all 5 days we were there. Everyone in our group loved the park, and we plan to return again.

My view most days......

What I did most days......

What we did most nights.....

Put up the awning lights this time!