Saturday, April 30, 2022

8 days a week......

06:29 am - Saturday - April 30th - Likely, CA - 43° F, 72% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the south by southeast.....heavy cloud cover, but no rain forecast today.  Partly cloudy with a forecast high of 62° F.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were visiting the Library of Congress in Washington D.C......what a beautiful interior!......↴ 

.....the view right now.......

Friday was a gorgeous day from beginning to end, and it was also a very busy day for the golf course.  We rented 14 golf carts during the course of the day, and I think there were 3, or 4 people who brought their own golf carts.  After staging 10 golf carts I took a drive around the golf course to get a few pictures of the surrounding area....

.....and then the work began.  I retrieved a rock rake from the 'Caddie Shack' (not really a caddy shack, but really a tool shed, but that's what 'we' call it) and went around the park raking out a number of large, muddy tire ruts.  It's better to get to them before they dry.  By the time I finished with that TLE was calling me on the two way radio to stage some more carts as she was down to her last one, so I staged the last 5 Yamaha gas carts.  By the end of the day only one cart was left.  

Of course, after you rent out 14 golf carts they always return at some point during the day, and the process is reversed.  I clean/wash them as needed, park them back in the cart shed, plug them in again, and/or fuel up the gas carts.  I think I washed 8 golf carts in the last 50 minutes of my day.

One of my duties as a staff member is to stop and talk with customers, find out if they need anything, or help with anything, and then take care of their requests.   I think I've mentioned that we have two 'Pavilions' here in the park.  Each Pavilion has 10 full hookups in a circle around a central covered pavilion where there is a countertop with a microwave oven, numerous outlets for any other appliances the customers might bring, tables, and chairs.  There is a wall around the southwest facing portion of each pavilion to protect from the prevailing winds out of the southwest.  They are very popular with large groups, and are pretty much rented every weekend of the summer.  I stopped by to chat with the occupants in one of the pavilions and found out they needed a BBQ.  We have one down at the cart shack, so I arranged to have it delivered to them later in the day.

As is also my daily workday custom, I spelled TLE in the office for her hour long lunch break.  Most of the time I spend the entire hour reading, when I'm not answering the phone, or selling a round of golf.  On this day I answered 4, or 5 phone calls, sold two rounds of golf, and a golf cart.  It's kind of a nice break for me in the middle of the work day. After TLE returns I head home to take my lunch break leaving me with just 3.5 hours of work before 5 pm.  After a year working 2-3 hours per day at Seal Rocks RV Cove it is taking me a while to adapt back to a regular 8 hour work day, but I'm getting there.

Fridays area always 'bacon days' in the Hockwald family, so TLE made me a BLT for dinner using that amazing peppered bacon we of the best she has made to date.....definitely restaurant quality.

Since we have to be at work by 7:45 am each day we have  been going to bed at 9 pm on those four days we work, so we're also having to get used to waking up before the sun rises.  After virtually 18 months of rising with the sun that is probably the thing to which it is taking us the longest to adapt.  The reward is being able to sleep in for four mornings in each work cycle (four on, four off)....I'm reminded of the popular Beatles song.....8 days a week.....

8 days a week by the Beatles

....and with that I will leave you....thanks for stopping by!

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Friday, April 29, 2022

Snow day again......

 7:37 am - Friday - April 29th - Likely, CA - 26° F, humidity 88%, wind 1 mph out of the east.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 63° F.....there is frost on the VW as I write.  On this date in 2016 TLE and I were at the In 'N Out Burger in Carson City, NV.....↴

The weather forecast called for snow Thursday morning beginning between 8 and 9 am, and were they ever correct.  I was out on the golf course removing goose dookey from the 3rd green when it began to sleet.  Within minutes the green (#3) was white.... the time I got to the 4th green where I needed to rake the sand bunker it was full on snowing, but I raked it anyway. By the time I finished raking that sand bunker I decided that was all I was going to get done for a couple of hours, and headed back to the Newell to warm up, and change my gloves.  By that time it was really coming down.....

....once I had retrieved a dry pair of gloves I headed back to the Club House to hang out until the snow stopped.  When I headed out to hole #3 around 8:30 am the fairways were dry, and green, but when I returned an hour later this is what I found..... 11 am the snow had mostly stopped, and it had begun to rain, which quickly melted the snow.  I spell TLE in the office from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm each work day so she can go home for her hour lunch, and by the time she returned at 12:30 pm the skies had begun to clear, so I headed back out to hole #12 to rake another sand bunker....there are just four sand bunkers at this golf course (4,12,15, & 18), but each of them is pretty large, and take about 30 minutes to rake out properly.  

I haven't driven the entire back 9 before, so after raking the bunker at hole #15 I headed to 16, which is a 3 par, with an elevated tee box.....

There's the 16th hole....way down there.

The #16 tee box

......the cart path down to the 16th hole involves several switchbacks.....

....once I finished raking the fourth sand bunker on hole 18 I headed back to the Club House to put away my tools, and clean the mud and grime off cart #20.  After all the snow drama in the morning, the rest of Thursday was just down right cold, and very blustery.  I kept TLE company while she answered phone calls, and around 5:10 pm we headed for home. 

So, for the 5th time since we arrived here at LPRV&G it has snowed, and the snow has stuck, if only for a few hours....when will Spring begin?  The forecast for the next 15 days is a mixed bag with temps ranging from the low 50's to mid 60's, with some more rain thrown in for good measure.....hardly Spring time weather.

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Thursday, April 28, 2022


 6:27 am - Thursday - April 28th - Likely, CA - 37° F, humidity 72%, wind 4 mph out of the northwest.....heavy cloud cover today with a forecast high of 46° F, and rain/snow....we'll see.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were visiting George Washington's Mt. Vernon......↴

Wednesday was a day of puttering around site #55 for me, and for TLE it was a day of inventorying her pantry, and reorganizing it.  Before all that though I washed the car, mostly to clean all the shattered bug bodies from the windshield, and the front of the VW, and then we then took a 1.25 mile walk around LPRV&G*.  The skies were clear and blue, and the temperature got up to 62° F.....warm enough to don a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops.....

Another obligatory post walk 'usie'

....after returning from our walk I got out the leaf blower, and cleared 3 days worth of wind blown leaves from the artificial turf surface, as well as the grass next to our site.  Then I got out one of the anti-gravity chairs, lounged in the sun, took a long nap, then read.  

Around 3 pm I decided it was finally time to break out some new LED lights I bought at COSTCO in La Quinta, CA back when we were boondocking in the Anza Borrego Desert.  They are the 'Edison' style lights, and I thought they would be perfect over our picnic table here at LPRV&G*.  I first strung a rope from the passenger side Newell window awning out to one of the Western Juniper trees next to the picnic table, looped it over a branch, and then attached it to the patio awning.  I used carabiners on each end to be sure I could detach the ropes quickly in the event of a wind event...... will be nice to have them for alfresco dinning later this summer when it is warm enough to do so.

One of my all time favorite Italian dishes is Chicken Marsala, and TLE is more than capable of producing a restaurant quality version of this dish.  I noticed when we were shopping in Lakeview at the Safeway the other day that she had purchased a bottle of Marsala wine, which gave me hope she was going to prepare Chicken Marsala in the near future, and I was right.....

....Wednesday was Chicken Marsala day!  The preparation she does to make this dish takes her about an hour, and when she is done the kitchen is a mess.....this is one of the ways I know how much she loves me.....:-) the dish she added a side of green beans with sautéed cashews.....OMG....I think I went into a food coma for about an hour after dinner.  The wine was Trader Joe's Old Vine Zinfandel.

After dinner I spent time watching a three part series on the Golf Channel about the life and times of Arnold Palmer....what an amazing man!  Not only was he a great golfer he was a prolific philanthropist, and business man.  I had no idea that he was the one who founded the Golf Channel....everything he touched turned to gold!

Well, it is back to work Thursday for another four day stint, and I am actually looking forward to it after four days of leisure.

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*LPRV&G = Likely Place RV & Golf

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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Walking, riding, golfing.....

 7:14 am - Wednesday - April 27th - Likely, CA - 31° F, humidity 62%, wind 2 mph out of the northwest....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 62° F.  On this date in 2012 (our first year on the road) TLE and I were in Ann Arbor, Michigan visiting the 'Big House'......the world famous University of Michigan Wolverines football stadium aka: The Big House.....↴

.....our view this morning....look at all that sunshine!.....

So, Tuesday was the 3rd of four consecutive off work days for us, and we finally got out for a walk.  We have a loop we do now that is about 1.28 miles in length, which is just perfect as we can cover that distance in about 20 minutes....

Took us almost 24 minutes as we stopped at the Club House to pick up a couple of packages

Our obligatory end of walk 'usie'

.....after a brief rest I changed into my riding clothes, and took the Haibike SDURO out for a ride on the perimeter bike/hiking trail again......'s been about a week since my last ride, and the weather was so nice I just had to take the ride.  In all I covered 4.15 miles in just over 32 minutes gaining 249' of elevation, and burning 317 caloric units at an average speed of 7.6 mph.....

A cool shed on the other side of the property line

.....upon my return home I took time to do some stretching exercises, especially for my lower back, because I wanted to go hit a bucket of balls around 3 pm.  My back is feeling great after playing the front 9 on Sunday, but I wanted to see if stretching before I hit balls, or play golf will ameliorate the lower back aching after either activity.

I drove over to the driving range in cart #20 around 3 pm, got a small bucket of balls, and pulled out my other set of clubs (3 Callaway 'woods', and 9 Prima irons (3-9 + pitching wedge, and sand wedge) from the locker to test again.  I used the other set already in my golf bag to play the front 9 on Sunday, and was not completely happy with the woods, or irons as far as distance was concerned.  Before heading to the driving range I watched a YouTube video on how to swing a golf club, and just applying one of the principles the guy in the video suggested made a big difference in my swing, and the results.  The longest drive I managed when I hit balls about 10 days ago, with either set, was 150 yards.  Using the Callaway Big Bertha driver, this time, I hit numerous drives over 175, and one close to 200 yards....WOW...big improvement!  As far as the irons go I went through clubs 3-9, and was able to better my distances on all of them by 15 to 20 yards just using the one swing tip the guy in the YouTube video suggested.  Along with the improvement in distance I hit mostly straight, long drives with all clubs, with only 5 to 6 really bad shots out of the entire bucket...was I ever stoked!  I have never been able to hit a 3 iron, but I was able to hit that Prima 3 iron 140 yards....straight and high.  I'm pretty much set on using the Callaways and Primas when I play the back 9 Wednesday.....

The YouTube video I watched

After finishing the bucket of balls I headed to the putting green to work on my putting, as well as reading the greens, and had much better results.  I've pretty much settled upon the Taylor putter, and am setting the other two aside for now. I get the most consistent results with the Taylor.  Oh, by the way, the stretching helped a lower back aching this time!

By the time I put my golf clubs away (I removed the clubs from my golf bag I used on Sunday, and moved the Callaways and Primas into my bag where they should remain for the foreseeable future) and headed for home it was 4:55 pm, and almost time for dinner, which was a salmon Caesar Salad.....delish!  I was able to catch the setting sun as it slipped over the mountains to the west of us.....

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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

What's the secret?

 7:45 am - Tuesday - April 26th - Likely, CA - 43° F, humidity 77%, wind 4 mph out of the south by southwest......partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 61° F.  On this date in 2018 we were having an alfresco dinner in St. Louis with TLE's brother, Creig, wife Kay, their daughters, and significant others......↴

You may recall that it was just 8 days ago that I broke through the 190 pound barrier to 189.8 for the first time since April of 2014.  I pretty much hovered around 189.8-190 until Monday when I dropped precipitously to 186.8.....three pounds lost in just 8 days. I am now just 3 pounds from my 30 pounds lost goal I set on January 31st....

.......I've been hesitant to give all the details of this amazing weight loss program in which I am participating, and my ability to keep off the lost weight.  No, there was no surgery involved, but combined with IF (intermittent fasting), regular exercise, and strength training a few times per week, I have been taking a daily supplement.  It is comprised of all natural contains a probiotic (better gut health, de-bloats....can reduce, or eliminate acid reflux....TLE confirms this), a prebiotic (lowers food cravings), a phytobiotic (reduces stress-sleep better), and a postbiotic (helps you lose inches).

I heard about this program from a long time college friend through Instagram, and after numerous instant messages, and then a long phone conversation TLE and I decided to give it a try.  By the end of January TLE and I were at our highest weight level since we began our nomadic journey.  We've done Atkins, and KETO previously with mixed results....actually I had pretty good results with Atkins, but eating only protein for the rest of your life is not practical.  I've done the Subway diet, as you know, with pretty good results, but after 3 months of eating Subway footlong sandwiches exclusively, riding my bicycle 15-20 miles a day, and losing about 25 pounds (2014) I went back to my former diet, and slowly gained all that weight back and then some.  Again, it worked, but it was not sustainable for obvious reasons.  When we are traveling it is difficult, if not impossible to get in 20 miles of bike riding every day, and while there are certainly not a shortage of Subways where we travel, one can only do that for so long, right?

So, here we are at the end of January, and at the end of our collective ropes when I see this post from my good friend Lynn.  The thing that really caught my attention was we could pretty much continue eating what we normally eat, but just between 12 pm and 8 pm, and a little less of it.  We could easily walk on a daily basis no matter where we were, so the exercise part was easy to commit to, and stay consistent.  I take pills every day....actually twice a day, so taking another pill is certainly, also, sustainable.  It's the first diet plan I've found that is least for TLE and I.

So, when I say I can still eat what I ate before, what does that mean?  While I no longer have breakfast as I don't eat my first meal until 12 pm, I still, sometimes, have breakfast for lunch.  It could be a bowl of dry cereal, an English muffin with a couple of fried eggs, some oatmeal, maybe a sandwich, or just a plate of veggies (peanut butter on three, or four sticks of celery, 5, or 6 baby carrots, a few slices of just depends on what I'm in the mood for).  During the course of the afternoon I may eat a handful, or two of cashews, or peanuts (I love Spanish Red Skin peanuts).  Once a week TLE makes me a BLT, or bacon and eggs for lunch. If the mood strikes me around mid afternoon I'll have a cup of cold coffee with heavy cream in kind of assists me in sublimating my food cravings.  We'll usually have a regular dinner between 5, and 6 pm, and maybe a small snack before 8 pm.  Dinner, like last night, can consist of grilled salmon with a side vegetable, a hamburger, a steak, chicken soup with a piece of toast, or maybe a Chicken Caesar Salad with croutons....all the stuff I ate before, just smaller portions.  Half the time I'll tell TLE I'm done eating before I clean my plate.....I'm just not hungry enough to finish the plate....sometimes I'll ask for seconds, but rarely.

How about alcohol?  In my past diets I have stopped drinking beer, wine, or hard alcohol for the duration of the diet....well, that is not sustainable either, right?  Now I will usually will have a glass of wine with dinner, and maybe a second sometimes.  I most often drink a shot of Scotch Whiskey around 9 pm, just before I go to bed, which has been my normal habit for years.

I don't crave food as much as I used to, I sleep much more deeply at night for stretches of up to 6, or 7 hours, and rarely have wakeful periods during the night like I used acid reflux, ever....much lower blood pressure readings.  I typically only eat two meals a day now....lunch and dinner, and that seems to be enough.  I have no periods during the day of a loss of energy levels stay more consistent, and I am rarely hungry until it is time for lunch, or dinner. 

As far as exercise goes, I get plenty when I am working, and on our days off we walk at least once a day, but usually twice for 20 minutes at a time....we cover anywhere from 1 mile to 1.25 miles in 20 minutes....just depends on the terrain.  For strength, and toning I do 30 sit-ups, 30 modified pushups, 15 back exercises on my back machine, and some yoga.  

Essentially, the bottom line is everything we do is sustainable, and I have lost 27 pounds, and 5 inches off my waistline.....I'm wearing clothes I haven't worn in years, and I feel the best I have felt in years (TLE has lost 14 pounds).  One interesting thing is I don't take as many naps, or nap for as long as I did before, and I believe that is because I wake up each morning feeling refreshed, and like I got plenty of sleep.  Frankly, naps have always been apart of my lifestyle since I was in my late 20's when I took a short nap after lunch each day, and now that I'm retired they are even more apart of my lifestyle.  During the past months I have found myself taking 2, to 3 naps a day, but now I'm down to one per day, usually right after I eat lunch....not by conscience choice, but I just don't seem to need as many naps.

Well, enough of that....what did we do Monday?  Some of the folks here drive up to Lakeview, OR, which is about 75 miles from Likely Place RV & Golf Resort, to shop....there is no sales tax in Oregon.  While 150 miles round trip is a long way, we decided to do the drive just for the fun of it.  We left home around 10:30 am, and were in Lakeview around 11:45 am (there was some road construction delays)..... thing you should notice in the pictures above is the complete lack of vehicular traffic on US-395 between Likely and Lakeview.....

.....the scenery was captivating, and the views were long, and big.....

....while in town we checked out the local Dollar General store, then did a big shopping at the local Safeway (part of Albertsons).....the food prices were comparable to Alturas, but no sales tax on non-food items.  Taking into consideration that we burnt 5 gallons of gasoline in the round trip drive at $5+/gallon there is really no fact it costs money to make the drive, nevertheless, we thoroughly enjoyed the drive, but our windshield did not....there was a virtual bug apocalypse during our drive.....

...we stopped off at the ACE Hardware store in Alturas on the way home so I could buy one of those amazing YETI insulated travel mugs that keeps your coffee literally HOT for hours, and were home just before 3 pm.

For dinner TLE asked me to grill a wild caught salmon filet (one of the ones Greg at Seal Rocks RV Cove gave to us)....

....and it came out perfect.....medium rare, and crispy skin (I always grill salmon skin side down).  TLE added a side of tomato/avocado salad, and white rice....delicious!

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Monday, April 25, 2022

Two lives....

 8:29 am - Monday - April 25th - Likely, CA - 47° F, humidity 41%, wind 3 mph out of the south by southeast.....partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 66° F.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were visiting Harper's Ferry, WV......↴

We're living two separate lives here at Likely Place RV & Golf Resort.....for four days we are the early to bed, early to rise, go to work folks, and then for the next four days we are the later to bed, later to rise, do what we want, when we want folks.  Personally, I like both of our lives....just enough work to be interesting, just enough time off work to enjoy our environment, and get things around 'home' done without any imminent time constraints.

For the first time since we arrived on April 12th we deployed our patio awning, awning arm bumpers, and wind chimes....

....what are 'awning arm bumpers' you might wonder....well, they are the green tubes on the lower awning arms you can see in the picture above (converted pool noodles)....if you haver whacked your forehead on an awning arm as you are walking under the awning you will know what they are, and why they are there.  I still, on occasion walk into them, but at least the only thing hurt is my  

Something else you may have wondered about is why there is a piece of wood propping up the hood of the VW.  Well, there is a pack rat issue here, and we are told keeping the hood open discourages the pack rats from taking up residency.  Most workers here do this, and they say it works, so who am I to go against the collective wisdom of people who have worked here for several years?

I had a few things I wanted to accomplish Sunday, and playing at least 9 holes of golf was one of them.  With TLE acting strictly as my chauffeur, we headed out to the first hole tee box around 3 pm to play the front 9.....well, just me.....TLE has no aspirations to be a golfer, but I may get her to hit a few balls on the driving range....who know what will transpire from there?  Why so late in the day you ask....well, the last golfers on the course teed off around 1 pm, so they were on the back 9 by the, and no new rounds of golf are sold after 3 pm, meaning I could play the front 9 with no pressure of anyone in front of, or behind me.  I didn't hit any balls prior to beginning my round, and the first couple of holes bore witness to that fact.  There were a lot of 'topped' balls, and a 'shank', or two, but by the 3rd hole, which happens to be a par 3 I began to hit the ball much better.....I was on the green in 2, and sank a 3 foot putt for par.....not to shabby.....

TLE took pictures of me addressing the ball on the 7th time out I'll have her take some video of my swing so I can see how many things I'm doing!

....from that point on I began to hit good drives off the tee, and hit them straight.  I have a lot of work to do to rise to the level of mildly competent, and the first thing I need to become consistent at is hitting a good, straight drive.  Next I will need to work on my long iron, and my short iron play.  Finally I will need to learn to read the greens much better than I am now.  I missed chances at two additional pars due to inconsistent putting skills.  Overall, I was very pleased with my improvement over the final 7 holes.  We arrived back at the Club House around 4:45 pm with smiles upon our faces.  Next time I'll play the back 9, which is the prettiest part of the course.....frankly, there are not really any bad views on the front 9 as far as I could see......'s going to take me a few rounds to get my back used to swinging a golf club again.  After I hit that large bucket of balls a week ago my lower back was not happy with me, but the discomfort went away after a day, or two.  This time, playing the front 9, my lower back was aching at the end, but after a long, hot shower, and some liberally applied Tiger's Balm to the muscles of my lower back by TLE it recovered pretty quickly, and I am pain free as I write this morning (Monday).

After dinner, which consisted of some thinly sliced London Broil, and a side of corn, and leeks, TLE and I took a long, slow stroll around the park.....a nice way to end a very pleasant day!

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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Real life.....

 7:58 am - Sunday - April 24th - Likely, CA - 33° F, humidity 54%, wind 2 mph out of the east by southeast.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today!  Forecast high of 65°, two firsts in one day.....first crystal clear, blue, sunny skies day, and first day in the mid 60's!  Our lovely view this morning......↴

Saturday was our Friday....our fourth consecutive day of work before we enjoy 4 consecutive days off work.  We were at the Club House around 7:45 am, and by 8 am I had 10 golf carts (5 electric Club Cars, and 5 gas powered Yamahas) lined up for what promised to be a full day of golfers coming and going.  Over the course of the day I rolled out the rest of the Yamahas (5 more), and then 5 more gas powered Club 20 golf carts in all.  .

Around 8:30 am Dennis asked me to drive out to the 12th fairway to put up some signs to divert cart traffic to the right of the fairway as the left side for about 150 yards was a little swampy from the heavy rainfall Friday night.  Once that was done I drove along each of the subsequent holes until I came to the 17th hole, which is one of the high points of the golf course....the views from there are stunning.....

Looking west toward US-395

....I stayed busy between 9 am and 11:30 am washing more of the older gas powered Club Cars, as they will come into use over the next week, or so, as it warms up, and we have more golfers. As the afternoon wore on I was inundated with golfers returning their cars, which needed cleaning again.....

'Cart Return' zone...getting crowded, but I love it! one point I had 6 carts backed up in the 'Cart Return' zone which needed some attention before being put away for the night.

Saturday was good day from beginning to end, and as the day wore on the skies completely cleared.  By the time we were home around 5:30 pm it was so delightful outside that we sat outside with some adult beverages, and a cigar for moi, enjoying the weather until almost sundown.  I don't think we had dinner until after 7 pm, which is late for us....

.....TLE reports she is loving her job in the office, and is mostly back up to speed on using Campground Master.  The customers are very friendly, and love the golf course.  The restaurant was full from 7 am until 3 pm when they close, and as good as the food is I am not surprised.....even local cowboys drive in for lunch.

Speaking of cowboys, there are a lot of real cowboys here in Northeastern California where cattle significantly outnumber homo sapiens.  This is one of the most apolitical environments in which we have worked in our 10 years of nomadic travel.  During the early days of the pandemic, and continuing until today, the golf course never closed, and neither did the restaurant.  This is the most rural area in which we have ever worked, and is about as far from Federal, State and Local bureaucractic influence as one can get.....frankly, it feels like we are living in a different country.....a country where politics does not permeate every aspect of is quite the opposite, and what a breath of fresh air it is.  Politics is not real life.....this is real life.

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Saturday, April 23, 2022

More snow.....

 6:29 am - Saturday - April 23rd - Likely, CA - 30° F, humidity 90%, wind 1 mph out of the northeast.......partly cloudy this morning, no rain, or snow in the foreseeable future, and a forecast high of 57° F.  Our view this morning.....↴

....if you look closely you will notice two things.....1)there is no snow this morning, and 2) the lower sections of the RV are almost full.

Another winter wonderland greeted us Friday morning.....

......and it remained that way until almost lunch time, when the sun finally began to push away the clouds and within 90 minutes it was all gone once again.

I thought I would post a couple of pictures to show you where I hang out most of the time when I'm on duty.....

The Yamaha gas carts

The 5 electric carts are parked behind that orange cone

......each morning, when it isn't raining, or snowing, I roll out the 5 electric carts, and if they are all rented then I begin to roll out the Yamaha gas carts, of which there are 10.  If we have a particularly busy day (we haven't yet due to the weather) then I will begin to roll out the older gas golf carts....I think the brand name on those is 'Club Car'.  The cart return area is just to the left in the 2nd picture, and that is where I clean, and/or wash them as the need arises.  Most of the time it is just a matter of removing broken golf tees, spoiled score cards, and any other trash left behind.

On mornings when we have no 'Marshall' on duty I will run around the golf course to be sure all is well, and if I discover any issues take care of them, or report them to someone who can take care of them.

One of my other duties will be to mow what grass there is in the RV park.  Once it warms up that will happen at least twice per week. I also check vacated RV sites for any issues to be sure they are clean, and ready for new occupancy.....much like I have done at the other RV parks at which we have worked over the years.  As I have remarked previously, TLE and I are pretty much on our own on the four days we work.....she backs me up, and I her....we love working by ourselves with no one looking over our collective shoulder second guessing what we are doing, or not doing at the time.  Dennis, our manger, does come by to say 'Hi' a few times per day, but that is the extent of it.  We are treated like mature, responsible nice is that?

My normal workday is 8 hours in duration with an hour for lunch.  As you know, TLE and I alternate our lunch hours so someone is in the office at all times to answer the phone, or answer questions of customers who may come into the Club House.  On Friday it was so cold, and snowy at 10 am that I took an hour break as there was nothing to do.  I came back on at 11 am to check on the departures (there were three), and then headed to the office to give TLE her lunch break, after which I took mine (12:30 pm to 1:30 pm).  By that time the sun had come out, and all the snow had was like we had been transported forward a was warm enough that I finished washing the last three Yamaha carts, and then spent time roaming the RV park to rake out some of the tire ruts where people had turned too sharply and gotten into the soft dirt.  I also raked out some ruts within some of the RV sites.  I then ran a check of all the sites with incoming customers, and reported the results to TLE.  By that time it was time to close up the Club House, and head for home.

Friday was a good day for us....we are both settling into our jobs, and loving them more and, if only we could get a week, or two of good weather, right? Time to play some golf!

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