Sunday, April 24, 2022

Real life.....

 7:58 am - Sunday - April 24th - Likely, CA - 33° F, humidity 54%, wind 2 mph out of the east by southeast.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today!  Forecast high of 65°, two firsts in one day.....first crystal clear, blue, sunny skies day, and first day in the mid 60's!  Our lovely view this morning......↴

Saturday was our Friday....our fourth consecutive day of work before we enjoy 4 consecutive days off work.  We were at the Club House around 7:45 am, and by 8 am I had 10 golf carts (5 electric Club Cars, and 5 gas powered Yamahas) lined up for what promised to be a full day of golfers coming and going.  Over the course of the day I rolled out the rest of the Yamahas (5 more), and then 5 more gas powered Club 20 golf carts in all.  .

Around 8:30 am Dennis asked me to drive out to the 12th fairway to put up some signs to divert cart traffic to the right of the fairway as the left side for about 150 yards was a little swampy from the heavy rainfall Friday night.  Once that was done I drove along each of the subsequent holes until I came to the 17th hole, which is one of the high points of the golf course....the views from there are stunning.....

Looking west toward US-395

....I stayed busy between 9 am and 11:30 am washing more of the older gas powered Club Cars, as they will come into use over the next week, or so, as it warms up, and we have more golfers. As the afternoon wore on I was inundated with golfers returning their cars, which needed cleaning again.....

'Cart Return' zone...getting crowded, but I love it! one point I had 6 carts backed up in the 'Cart Return' zone which needed some attention before being put away for the night.

Saturday was good day from beginning to end, and as the day wore on the skies completely cleared.  By the time we were home around 5:30 pm it was so delightful outside that we sat outside with some adult beverages, and a cigar for moi, enjoying the weather until almost sundown.  I don't think we had dinner until after 7 pm, which is late for us....

.....TLE reports she is loving her job in the office, and is mostly back up to speed on using Campground Master.  The customers are very friendly, and love the golf course.  The restaurant was full from 7 am until 3 pm when they close, and as good as the food is I am not surprised.....even local cowboys drive in for lunch.

Speaking of cowboys, there are a lot of real cowboys here in Northeastern California where cattle significantly outnumber homo sapiens.  This is one of the most apolitical environments in which we have worked in our 10 years of nomadic travel.  During the early days of the pandemic, and continuing until today, the golf course never closed, and neither did the restaurant.  This is the most rural area in which we have ever worked, and is about as far from Federal, State and Local bureaucractic influence as one can get.....frankly, it feels like we are living in a different country.....a country where politics does not permeate every aspect of is quite the opposite, and what a breath of fresh air it is.  Politics is not real life.....this is real life.

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