Tuesday, April 19, 2022


 7:56 am - Tuesday - April 19th - Likely, CA - 34° F, humidity 85%, wind 5 mph out o fthe west.....heavy cloud cover right now, snowing now, but clearing later this morning....forecast high today is 49° F.  The view this morning......↴

....the view yesterday morning......

....you just never know what you're going to get weather wise at 4,447' elevation in April, or May, or June for that matter.....lol!

On this date in 2017 TLE and I were in Petaluma, CA having a late lunch at Pub Republic Petaluma......

Monday began as another delightfully sunny, balmy day, that is until the winds freshened to 25 mph about mid morning. Nevertheless, I was adorned in a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops for most of the day.  TLE spent a couple more hours training in the office, and by the end of the day she felt she was getting up to speed on opening and closing the office, taking reservations, selling rounds of golf, etc.

Likely Place has about 10 bicycles which they loan to RV park residents, and most of them need some tuning.  Since working on bicycles is one of my passions I volunteered to check out each bike to be sure they are in safe operating condition, such as brakes working properly, tires holding air, and on the multi speed ones making sure they shift through the gears smoothly, and easily.  I drove cart #20 over to the Club House around 10:30 am and picked out one bike to tune.  It was an older,  18 speed mountain bike (Sherpa Trail) with no suspension.  It had a flat rear tire, the brakes were the old cantilever style, and the rear brake was inoperable, plus you could not shift through each of the front three sprockets.  Finding the leak in the rear tube took a while, but I found it eventually.  I had to disassemble the entire rear brake system (lever, cable, cantilever brakes) to fix it, but now it works flawlessly.  The hardest part was getting the front derailleur to shift from the large sprocket down to the middle sprocket, to the small, granny gear sprocket, but with the aid of some Tri-Flow chain lube I get it working properly.  

By the time I finished the first bike TLE was home from her morning training session, and soon thereafter was calling me in from the trailer for lunch.  I read my book as I ate lunch, and afterward it seemed like a good time for a nap.  After that short respite I loaded the Sherpa Trail on the VW bike rack and hauled it back to the bike rack at the Club House.  There I picked up another bike, this time one of those large, fat tire bicycles which have become quite popular in the past few years.  This one was in pretty good shape, as it was not as old as the Sherpa, but the rear brake lever (almost always the one on the right handlebar) was broken.  I have been carrying a couple of mechanical brake levers around for 6, or 7 years now, so retrieved one of those from my stash of used bike parts, and installed it in place of the broken one.  Other than that both mechanical disc brakes worked well, and the 6 speed rear derailleur shifted through all  six cassette gears smoothly (this bike has only a single front sprocket, and a 6 speed rear cassette, so no front derailleur about which to worry).  By that time it was after 3:30 pm, so I hauled that bike back to the bike rack and called it a day as far as bike repairs were concerned...only 8 bikes to go!

Monday marked the end of our first week here at Likely Place RV & Golf Resort, and we could not be happier with our circumstances.  We like everyone with whom we work, and Dennis and Kellie Tate (owners, managers) have treated us like visiting royalty.  We actually received our first paychecks Monday....the current two week pay period ended Friday the 15th, so TLE and I both got checks for the work we did on Friday....very cool!

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  1. Clarke, you're the bike whisperer. So glad you two have found a great spot for the season!

    1. We found a great place for the summer! The most rural place we have ever worked!


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