Saturday, April 9, 2022

When uncertainty turns to certainty......

 7:10 am - Saturday - April 9th - Bishop, CA - 51° F, humidity 25%, wind 5 mph out of the north by northwest....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today in Bishop with a forecast high of 81° F, but we will not be experiencing that high....we roll our wheels in about an hour for Minden, NV where the high today will be 69° F.  Meanwhile, in Likely, CA, our ultimate destination it is 28° F right now as I write.  Here are some snapshots of Minden, NV and Likely, CA for the next few days.....↴

Minden, NV

Likely, CA

.....looks like some weather is coming to Northern you see that low of 16° F in Likely this coming Wednesday?  Looks like we are moving from Spring back to!

We were up by 6 am on Friday wanting to get out of Fontana before the high of the day, 98° F, arrived.  We were actually rolling our wheels out of the Elks Backyard about 7:10 am, and northbound on I-215 to I-15 a few minutes later.  We reached the summit of Cajon Pass before 8 am, and transitioned to US-395 northbound, which will take us all the way to Likely, CA, our summer destination.

By 10 am we were in the beautiful Owens Valley.....

....oh how I have missed those big, long views!  The coach ran wonderfully with engine, transmission and oil temps back to where they should be...I am so thankful for our reconditioned radiator!  

About 10 miles south of Coso Junction (Rest Area) my speedometer suddenly quit working, and when it stops working so does my cruise control....doh!  I've had problems with the signal generator several times over the years, but the last time I had to fix it was about 4 years ago, and since then it has worked flawlessly until Friday.  I was determined to get it going again, so within minutes of arriving at the Rest Area I was under the coach detaching the signal generator unit from the side of the Allison transmission.  Within a minute, or two I saw it was something simple....something I could fix in seconds, which I did.  I had the generator reinstalled within minutes, and we were back on our way with a now functioning speedometer, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, a functioning cruise control.....the cruise control depends on a signal from the signal generator to function...without that signal there is no cruise control. 

Our first destination of the day was Lone Pine, CA where we have stayed numerous times over the years at Boulder Creek RV Resort.  I figured if I was tired, or we were still having issues with engine temps we could stop there, and continue on the next day, however, when we arrived around 11:30 am the coach was running cool,  and I was ready to continue to Bishop, CA and Tri-County Fairgrounds.  Within an hour we were cruising down Main Street in Bishop, and by 1 pm we were in our campsite.....

.....from Bishop it is 150 miles to Minden, NV....not a long driving day, but over that 150 miles we will go over a lot of high elevation passes, which will be a real test for our radiator.  It is one of my favorite drives.....the scenery between Bishop and Minden along this Eastern Sierra highway is just spectacular, and we never tire of it....US-395 is our 'Mother Road'.

There was no need for A/C in Bishop on Friday....the high temp was only 84° F.  We spent the afternoon watching Round 2 of the Masters golf tournament.  To say I heaved a big sigh of relief when we arrived in Bishop without any overheating issues would be an last all the uncertainty of the week melted away, and I was once again certain our home was in good working order.  Frankly, worrying about how the coach would perform after all the work we have had done weighed heavily on my mind all week, so for me to tell you I took a long nap during the afternoon should come as no surprise.

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