Monday, April 4, 2022

I almost waited too long.....

8:08 am - Monday - April 4th - Fontana, CA - 54° F, humidity 83%, wind 3 mph out of the west.....heavy overcast again today with a forecast high of 78° F.  On this date in 2015 we had just arrived at our boondock site at Goosenecks State Park near Mexican Hat, UT.....the San Juan River is 1,000' below us.....↴ 

I knew we were pushing it not dumping our black tank Saturday, but I wanted to get to Sunday, so when we left Monday we would have an almost empty tank.   As I flushed the Dometic toilet about 7:30 am the sound I heard told me the effluent level in the tank was right at the top, so I headed outside immediately to hook up our SeaFlo macerator pump, and do what I should have done Saturday.....

You can buy a setup like this for about $350-400, but I made my own about 14 years ago, and it only cost me about $125 for materials, and the pump.  I can dump 40 gallons of black water in about 8 minutes.  The dump station here at the Elks Backyard is about 150 feet away, and slightly downhill.  You don't want to try and pump it further than that.

With that done I headed inside to create another blog post after which TLE and I took our last walk on the PET..... was a rather modest walk in which we averaged about 3.4 mph.  We walked east on the PET to the Cactus Avenue terminus, and then south to Rialto Avenue where we headed back west to the Elks Backyard.

While I spent time organizing the trailer for future VW insertion, and putting away the patio furniture TLE headed over to COSTCO to fill the VW tank at $5.59/gallon for premium....not too bad compared to the other local prices.  

Over the course of the day I stowed the three bicycles, and reorganized the trailer, as well as the storage in each of the engine bays.  By the end of the day we had the artificial turf folded up, and all the awnings stowed.  On Monday we will drive about 7 miles over to Continental Radiator Service on Valley Blvd. to have our radiator pulled out of its cubby hole, and repaired.

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