Friday, April 15, 2022


 8:04 am - Friday - April 15th - Likely, CA - 33° F, 67% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the south by southwest.....partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 50° F. The view this morning.....↴

....and on this date in 2017 TLE and I were having lunch at Lúpulo Craft Beer House in Santa Cruz, CA.....

It is amazing to me how quickly we have reacclimated to cold weather, not just here in Likely, CA, but when we were in Gardnerville, NV less than a week ago.  When we first arrived here at the golf course I was wearing a watch cap all the time with one of my winter jackets.  By Thursday I was just wearing a sweat shirt, long pants and flip!

The work on setting up the trailer for a long stay continued Thursday, and by noon I had everything deployed but the Workmate workbench, the Park bike stand, and my golf clubs.....yes, my golf clubs have come out of their cubbyhole for good.....well, .at least for the next 6

We were given some paperwork by Cathy on Wednesday to know, the usual stuff....Employee handbook, W-4's, I-9's etc. in preparation for our first work day this Saturday.  We completed that Thursday morning then walked over to the Club house/pro-shop to deliver it to her, but she was out, so we left it with Mike and Deb (they work in the onsite café) to give to Cathy.  We then spent the next 45 minutes talking with them about life here at Likely Place RV & Golf Resort.  This is their third season here, and they love it so much they bought one of the park models here in the resort, which became available last season.  So far everyone we've met we like a lot.  Mike golfs a lot, and has a 5 handicap, which is very good.  He has offered to give me a few tips to get me from awful to!

The pro-shop/café is about 150 yards from our site, and the main office (will open on Saturday) is just slightly further in the other direction.  There are 55 sites in all here, and we are in #55.  It is so quiet at night it reminds me of the Anza Borrego Desert.  We are at least 4 miles from US-395, and another 2 miles from a paved country road, so there is really no traffic noise.  I'm sure once the customers begin to arrive it will get noisier during the day, but right now it is very quiet, and we are sleeping like the 'dead'.

After returning from the pro-shop I headed back out to the trailer to put the final touches on the trailer interior, and to install all six wheel covers on the Newell and trailer (the trailer only takes two tire covers as each one is big enough to cover two tires).  There are still no yard lights, but I think they will make their appearance on Friday as it is supposed to be partly cloudy, no rain, some sun, and 50° F.

We had snow first thing Thursday until about 9 am, but it really didn't stick for long, then rain in the afternoon for a couple of hours, which eventually turned to snow flurries for about another between that it was relatively dry.

I missed the sunset, but did catch some of the afterglow.... I write the sun is shinning in the the Newell windshield for the first time since our is good, and we are loving our new views.

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