Friday, April 22, 2022

Three times!

 6:28 am - Friday - April 22nd - Likely, CA - 32° F, humidity 92%, wind 3 mph out of the northwest.....heavy cloud cover....just stopped snowing....AGAIN....forecast high for today is 48° F.  Our view this morning.....↴

....I was thinking that we were at the Grand Canyon, during the winter, at 7,000' elevation, for 4 months and it snowed 4 times, and only stuck twice.  We've been here at Likely Place, in the Spring, at 4,447' elevation, for about 10 days now, and it has snowed 3 times......3 TIMES....and stuck every single time!  All that being said, it melts off by noon time every time, so we've got that going for us.

On this date in 2014 we were visiting Arches National Park near Moab, UT with friends David and Denise Zonker.....

Thursday began with snow on the ground, and it was still snowing when we arrived at the Club House for our 8 hour shifts.  I was bundled up against the cold as I made my rounds of the RV park....I had to wear my sun glasses as it was still snowing at 9 am, and the snow was getting in my eyes making it difficult to see.  Finally around 11 am the snow stopped, and it began to rain, which quickly melted the snow.....

.....we had about 10 departures from the RV park Thursday with 18 arrivals.  Our departure time each day is 11 am, and check-in time is 1 pm, so I hung out in the Club House until  just after 11 am to give everyone a chance to depart, which they did, and then went around to each site to be sure they were ready for their next occupants.  At 11:30 am I took TLE's place in the office for an hour so she could take her lunch break.  During that hour I mostly read my book, but did check two customers into their sites.  With it still raining at 12:30 pm, and nothing more I could do outside, I headed for home to warm up. 

Around 3 pm TLE called me to ask if I would check a few sites to see if the new arrivals had arrived, and to take a box down to the Night Registration office, so I bundled up again, and headed out to do her bidding.  I was back home by 3:30 pm.  Around 5:15 pm she texted me to come and drive her home.

That was essentially our day, as I wrote above, we've had snow three times in the 10 days we've been here at Likely Place RV & Golf Resort, but the snow has melted off by noon time each day.  It hasn't gotten that cold here....usually high 20's at night...and it's getting into the high 40's during the day.  I know, high 20's sounds cold doesn't it?  But compared to the Grand Canyon where it got into single digits each night, and didn't get above 17° F during the day, this is not too bad....cold, like heat is very relative. Beginning Saturday we'll have a stretch through May 6th of no forecast precipitation, and mostly sunny with temps in the high 50's to high 60's....maybe, just maybe, Spring will finally arrive here in Northeast California.

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