Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Weather watchers.....

 6:36 am - Tuesday - April 12th - Gardnerville, NV - 19° F!!!, 60% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the south by southwest......crystal clear, BLUE, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 44° F, but we will not see that high as we roll our wheels in about 90 minutes to Likely, CA where it is also 19° F as I write, but has a forecast high today of just 36° F.  On this date in 2014 TLE and I were hiking a slot canyon near Kanab, UT......↴

The winds began around 2 am Monday and howled most of the day with gusts into the 40 mph range quite often.  With the wind came first rain, then snow......

....the snow came in the afternoon, and just about the time it began to stick, it stopped.  Snow for two hours is interesting, and fun, but more than that begins to make one worry about driving conditions the next day.....lol.

Due to the high winds, rain and snow we  stayed inside the entire day, as one might expect, being weather watchers.  I did venture outside for brief interludes three times, however. Once when it stopped snowing, and raining to retrieve one of my winter jackets from the trailer (I put them away back before we left Seal Rock), and the other was, again, after it stopped snowing and raining to wipe down only the VW windows....it was too cold to do anything more.  The third, and final time was near sunset to remove the tire covers once I was sure it was not going to rain anymore....didn't want my shiny ALCOA wheels to get dirty, so I covered them Sunday afternoon before the rain/snow came.

Otherwise, Monday was a very laid back day.  We watched a complete Premier League soccer match between Liverpool and Manchester City, I watched some YouTube videos, we read a lot, and there were at least two well deserved naps.  We had four electric heaters (bedroom, bathroom, salon, and water bay) running continuously all day long, and into the night as the temperature never got out of the 30's.  As I write this morning (Tuesday) we have those same four electric heaters running, plus the salon gas furnace.  

We were in bed by 10 pm....at least I was.....Tuesday will be an early day as we want to get out of the Elks Lodge by 8 am to take on diesel and propane before heading north....we want to arrive in Likely before it begins to snow Tuesday, which is forecast to be around 2 pm.  

When we are traveling we pay very close attention to the weather as there are a number of weather conditions we try to avoid like the plague.....high cross winds, headwinds, snow, rain, and fog.  Often the weather forecast will dictate when we begin our driving day, such as Tuesday. Originally we were going to continue our drive north Monday, but the high winds, rain and snow changed that plan to Tuesday.  We have delayed our departure from numerous locations over the years due to high winds, snow, rain, fog forecast along our route.  The only time we will drive on windy days is if the wind is a following wind (sailing term)....or in other words....a tailwind, and that has been the case a number of times.....nothing like a tailwind to improve your fuel mileage, right?

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