Our 2007 American Car Hauler Trailer

Like our Newell, we spent a lot of time looking for the right enclosed car hauler trailer.  We looked at a lot of 'frogs', but one day this 2007 American 26' trailer came up on Craigslist.....it had a 4 foot long 'tongue' leaving 22' of cargo space.  I drove down to Temecula fully expecting the reality not to live up to the pictures, but as soon as the owner opened up the trailer I knew we had found our car hauler....it was immaculate!  I wrote a check, and drove back down the next day to pick it up.

We originally wanted an enclosed car hauler as we owned a 2002 Ford Thunderbird which we did not want to flat tow, or tow on a dolly, or flat bed trailer as it would get beaten up badly.  We wanted to keep it in good condition while we traveled.....nothing like arriving at a destination with your car already clean!

The Thunderbird was a tight fit, but it fit....I was able to add a work bench, and had room to store our many bicycles up front.....

 South Padre Island a few weeks into our travels....February 2012

 Tahoe Valley Campground

The interior

Florida Keys in 2013

.......the first year or so on the road we were going through tires every 7-8,000 miles.....by the time we arrived at Tahoe Valley Campground in May of 2015 we had replaced 6 tires and I was fed up, so after reading another blog where the owner of a trailer had switched to Michelin light truck tires, I ordered a set from Amazon.  The jury is still out, but so far after 8 years they are still going strong....

The new Michelins

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