Thursday, April 21, 2022

Day one.....

 6:33 am - Thursday - April 21st - Likely, CA - 33 F, 89% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the southwest.....heavy cloud cover with snow today....snowing right now as I write, and turning to rain later this morning....forecast high today is 47° F.  The view right now.....↴

....yup, the snow, she is back!

Wednesday was the first day of our 4 day work week, and it was beautiful, if not bitterly cold day.  I took my first tour of the 18 hole golf course right after staging our five electric carts.  We only had one tee time assigned when we opened the Pro Shop, but with so much sun it seemed likely there would be more as the day progressed...

The driving range

.....on a side note, Dennis let me know Wednesday that the lockers on the side of the Club House facing the driving range are for employees, so I decided to move my two sets of golf clubs from my trailer to one of those lockers so I will have more room in the trailer, and won't have to haul them back and forth to the golf course......thank you Dennis!....

My golf club locker

Putting green

10th Tee box in the distance

.....the source of the 'bitter cold' was the wind out of the southwest (that is the prevailing wind direction here in Likely, CA) which gusted at times to 25 mph, but blew steadily at 18-20 mph most of the day....that 'wind chill' factor is a booger!

TLE spent her first solo day running the Pro Shop, and checking RVers into the park, and did just fine.  I spelled her at 11:30 am for her hour lunch.  I answered the phone once and took a message, sold one round of golf with a golf cart, and checked one person into the RV park during that hour.....I read a book the rest of the time.

Upon TLE's return I headed back to the Newell to take my 1 hour lunch break.  When I returned at 1:30 pm it had warmed up sufficiently for me to begin washing some of the 10 Yamaha gas carts, so I could stage a couple of them for possible use as by that time all 5 electric carts had been rented.  As it turned out I ended up getting 7 of the 10 washed before it began to rain around 4:30 pm.  Once it began to rain I put the carts away, which I had staged in case we had any more golfers, which  we didn't.  The last tee time available each day is 3 pm, and that would only be for a quick 9 holes as we close at 5 pm.

I know as we get into the summer season, and the golf course gets busier I'll spend most of my afternoons washing, staging and/or putting away carts.  Our first tee time each day is 8 am, and if most golfers play 18 I will not see a cart to clean, or wash until noon time at the earliest.  If we get a few playing just 9 holes first thing in the morning, then I'll see carts returned around mid morning.  The work is not hard right now, or even fast paced, which I like.  I pretty much work by myself, which I also like.  Dennis gives me assignments, and then leaves me to get them done.....nice.

I headed home around 5:05 pm, and TLE, who has to 'close' up everything, was home by 5:30 pm, and thus our first official work day was in the books.

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