Saturday, April 23, 2022

More snow.....

 6:29 am - Saturday - April 23rd - Likely, CA - 30° F, humidity 90%, wind 1 mph out of the northeast.......partly cloudy this morning, no rain, or snow in the foreseeable future, and a forecast high of 57° F.  Our view this morning.....↴

....if you look closely you will notice two things.....1)there is no snow this morning, and 2) the lower sections of the RV are almost full.

Another winter wonderland greeted us Friday morning.....

......and it remained that way until almost lunch time, when the sun finally began to push away the clouds and within 90 minutes it was all gone once again.

I thought I would post a couple of pictures to show you where I hang out most of the time when I'm on duty.....

The Yamaha gas carts

The 5 electric carts are parked behind that orange cone

......each morning, when it isn't raining, or snowing, I roll out the 5 electric carts, and if they are all rented then I begin to roll out the Yamaha gas carts, of which there are 10.  If we have a particularly busy day (we haven't yet due to the weather) then I will begin to roll out the older gas golf carts....I think the brand name on those is 'Club Car'.  The cart return area is just to the left in the 2nd picture, and that is where I clean, and/or wash them as the need arises.  Most of the time it is just a matter of removing broken golf tees, spoiled score cards, and any other trash left behind.

On mornings when we have no 'Marshall' on duty I will run around the golf course to be sure all is well, and if I discover any issues take care of them, or report them to someone who can take care of them.

One of my other duties will be to mow what grass there is in the RV park.  Once it warms up that will happen at least twice per week. I also check vacated RV sites for any issues to be sure they are clean, and ready for new occupancy.....much like I have done at the other RV parks at which we have worked over the years.  As I have remarked previously, TLE and I are pretty much on our own on the four days we work.....she backs me up, and I her....we love working by ourselves with no one looking over our collective shoulder second guessing what we are doing, or not doing at the time.  Dennis, our manger, does come by to say 'Hi' a few times per day, but that is the extent of it.  We are treated like mature, responsible nice is that?

My normal workday is 8 hours in duration with an hour for lunch.  As you know, TLE and I alternate our lunch hours so someone is in the office at all times to answer the phone, or answer questions of customers who may come into the Club House.  On Friday it was so cold, and snowy at 10 am that I took an hour break as there was nothing to do.  I came back on at 11 am to check on the departures (there were three), and then headed to the office to give TLE her lunch break, after which I took mine (12:30 pm to 1:30 pm).  By that time the sun had come out, and all the snow had was like we had been transported forward a was warm enough that I finished washing the last three Yamaha carts, and then spent time roaming the RV park to rake out some of the tire ruts where people had turned too sharply and gotten into the soft dirt.  I also raked out some ruts within some of the RV sites.  I then ran a check of all the sites with incoming customers, and reported the results to TLE.  By that time it was time to close up the Club House, and head for home.

Friday was a good day for us....we are both settling into our jobs, and loving them more and, if only we could get a week, or two of good weather, right? Time to play some golf!

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