Sunday, April 17, 2022

Gasoline alley....

 7:13 am - Sunday - April 17th - Likely, CA - 31° F, humidity 76%, wind 5 mph out of the southeast......partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 60° F.  On this date in 2014 TLE and I hiked to all three bridges in Natural Bridges NP.......↴

We awoke Saturday to the sound of rain on our riveted, aircraft aluminum roof, and I wondered if I would be doing any outdoor work.  We were out of bed by 6 am, our new wake up time on days we work, and since we don't eat breakfast (still doing the IF thing (intermittent fasting) we were ready to roll by 7:30 am.

Our first actual four day work week begins this Wednesday, April 20th, however, not all the workers have arrived yet so Dennis asked me to come in first thing Saturday to take care of a few tasks which needed to be done.  TLE and I drove down to the Clubhouse in our golf cart around 7:40 am.....the rain had stopped, and there was a little bit of blue sky visible....TLE was to continue learning the office systems for a few hours while I took care of a few tasks for Dennis.  The first task was to remove last years American flags (they were quite worn, and grimy from being outside for 6 months last season) from the 8 flag poles which are placed at the entrance, and to install the new American flags.

Once that was done I busied myself organizing the tool shed, which needed a lot of help after a winter of tools not being put away as they were used.....this is pretty typical at most campgrounds at which we have worked, and you know that from reading past blog posts, but it's something I enjoy doing.  

Finally, there were 10 gas powered golf carts which needed to have their gas tanks filled.  By the time I got to that it was drizzling again, and it was getting muddy over by the elevated gasoline tank from which we draw unleaded fuel for the golf carts.  It is a gravity operated system, meaning it does not require a pump.  By the time all ten carts were fueled it was 10:30 am, and very cold and my clothes were getting very wet.....not a good combination.  I should clarify, I was wearing a rain proof winter jacket, so my upper body was dry, but my gloves, and pants were wet from the rain. I went into the Clubhouse to warm up a tad, and to see if TLE was done with her training, and she was, so we rode home together in the rain....our golf cart has no windshield, so we go pretty slow when it is  After changing out of my wet togs I sat down to sip a large cup of hot coffee to pour some warmth back into my core.

By noon time the clouds had flown away, and we were finally able to enjoy the beautiful views we knew were there, but had been obscured by the constant cloud cover, and rain ever since we arrived....

Those are the Warner mountains....lots of snow up there right now!

.....I spent time in the trailer putting some finishing touches on it, and I am now ready for the next 5.5 months.....

Both sets of golf clubs are out, and ready for some testing....I hope that will happen on Sunday

Black & Decker Workmate® workbench set up with bench grinder

Air compressor set up, and ready for use

......the forecast high for Saturday was 46° F, but I do not think it got that warm, especially with the prevailing south by southwest wind blowing over 10 mph, and the associated wind chill factor.  The Sunday forecast promises temps in the 60's,  with little, or no wind, so I am hoping to get out and do some putting, and hit the driving range, as well as take a hike with TLE on the 1.25 mile nature trail here in the park.

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