Monday, April 25, 2022

Two lives....

 8:29 am - Monday - April 25th - Likely, CA - 47° F, humidity 41%, wind 3 mph out of the south by southeast.....partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 66° F.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were visiting Harper's Ferry, WV......↴

We're living two separate lives here at Likely Place RV & Golf Resort.....for four days we are the early to bed, early to rise, go to work folks, and then for the next four days we are the later to bed, later to rise, do what we want, when we want folks.  Personally, I like both of our lives....just enough work to be interesting, just enough time off work to enjoy our environment, and get things around 'home' done without any imminent time constraints.

For the first time since we arrived on April 12th we deployed our patio awning, awning arm bumpers, and wind chimes....

....what are 'awning arm bumpers' you might wonder....well, they are the green tubes on the lower awning arms you can see in the picture above (converted pool noodles)....if you haver whacked your forehead on an awning arm as you are walking under the awning you will know what they are, and why they are there.  I still, on occasion walk into them, but at least the only thing hurt is my  

Something else you may have wondered about is why there is a piece of wood propping up the hood of the VW.  Well, there is a pack rat issue here, and we are told keeping the hood open discourages the pack rats from taking up residency.  Most workers here do this, and they say it works, so who am I to go against the collective wisdom of people who have worked here for several years?

I had a few things I wanted to accomplish Sunday, and playing at least 9 holes of golf was one of them.  With TLE acting strictly as my chauffeur, we headed out to the first hole tee box around 3 pm to play the front 9.....well, just me.....TLE has no aspirations to be a golfer, but I may get her to hit a few balls on the driving range....who know what will transpire from there?  Why so late in the day you ask....well, the last golfers on the course teed off around 1 pm, so they were on the back 9 by the, and no new rounds of golf are sold after 3 pm, meaning I could play the front 9 with no pressure of anyone in front of, or behind me.  I didn't hit any balls prior to beginning my round, and the first couple of holes bore witness to that fact.  There were a lot of 'topped' balls, and a 'shank', or two, but by the 3rd hole, which happens to be a par 3 I began to hit the ball much better.....I was on the green in 2, and sank a 3 foot putt for par.....not to shabby.....

TLE took pictures of me addressing the ball on the 7th time out I'll have her take some video of my swing so I can see how many things I'm doing!

....from that point on I began to hit good drives off the tee, and hit them straight.  I have a lot of work to do to rise to the level of mildly competent, and the first thing I need to become consistent at is hitting a good, straight drive.  Next I will need to work on my long iron, and my short iron play.  Finally I will need to learn to read the greens much better than I am now.  I missed chances at two additional pars due to inconsistent putting skills.  Overall, I was very pleased with my improvement over the final 7 holes.  We arrived back at the Club House around 4:45 pm with smiles upon our faces.  Next time I'll play the back 9, which is the prettiest part of the course.....frankly, there are not really any bad views on the front 9 as far as I could see......'s going to take me a few rounds to get my back used to swinging a golf club again.  After I hit that large bucket of balls a week ago my lower back was not happy with me, but the discomfort went away after a day, or two.  This time, playing the front 9, my lower back was aching at the end, but after a long, hot shower, and some liberally applied Tiger's Balm to the muscles of my lower back by TLE it recovered pretty quickly, and I am pain free as I write this morning (Monday).

After dinner, which consisted of some thinly sliced London Broil, and a side of corn, and leeks, TLE and I took a long, slow stroll around the park.....a nice way to end a very pleasant day!

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