Monday, April 11, 2022

Weather holding pattern......

 7:18 am - Monday - April 11th - Gardnerville, NV - 43° F, humidity 50% (not sure how it is only 50% as it is, wind 20 mph out of the southwest....forecast for today is rain/snow with a high of 47° Likely, CA the current temp is 36° F with a forecast high of 39° F, and snow...what are we getting into?

On this date in 2017 we rode our bikes from the San Luis Obispo Elks Lodge down to Avila Beach and back.....↴

.....the view this morning....we're all alone at the Gardnerville Elks.....

All by ourselves Monday morning!

Sun, blue skies on one side of the coach.....

.....and rain, heavy cloud cover on the other side

Sunday was a beautiful Carson Valley day, and even though the temperature only got to 63° F, it felt warmer than that.  We needed to check out a fuel station in Carson City for accessibility for our 62' feet of rolling steel....this station (Sinclair) has the best diesel price in the Carson Valley at $4.47/gallon...everyone else is at $4.89/gallon....42 cents per gallon adds up over 180 gallons....almost $ save $76 we'll drive to check out the  Additionally, we wanted to visit the local Trader Joe's and COSTCO one more time to stock up on a few staples we prefer to buy at those stores.

We left home around 11 am to make the 21 mile drive north into Carson City to first check out the fuel station.  Usually I can tell if we can get in and out of a station by looking at Google Earth and/or Street View, but sometimes I need to see it in person to be sure.  Early on in our journeys we got into some tight situations in fuel stations, and do not want a repeat of those experiences.  It took about 25 minutes to get there, and within a couple of minutes we knew it would work for us, so when we leave on Tuesday, or Wednesday (weather permitting) we'll top off our tank there.  We have enough diesel left in our tank (about 75 gallons) to make to Likely with more than a few gallons to spare, but we like to arrive at a job with a full tank as that prevents moisture from building up inside the tank over 5, or 6 months, plus who knows how much diesel will cost in 6 months the way things are going?

After stops at COSTCO  and Trader Joe's we were home by 1:30 pm, and settling in to watch the final round of this year's Masters.  After all the dust settled Scottie Scheffler won by 3 strokes over Rory McElroy, which is Scottie's fourth win in the last 57 days....sounds almost Tigeresk, no?

Most every time we pass through the Carson Valley we get together with college friend Terry Dickerson.  Her husband, Chuck, died about 13 years ago, unfortunately.  I've been friends with the Dickerson boys going back to college, and am still in contact with Chuck's younger brother, John.  Losing a spouse late in life is not what any of us plan, but when it happens there is a void left, of course.  About 6 years ago Terri met a very nice man, Bill, with whom she has been since then.  We haven't really had a chance to meet, and get to know Bill, so we made arrangements to meet Terri and Bill for dinner Sunday night at one of our favorite local Mexican restaurants......

Dinner at El Charro Avita in Carson City

.....we met them at their home just south of Carson City around 5:30 pm where we spent an hour talking, and then drove together into town arriving at the restaurant around 6:30 pm.  Then for another two hours we talked non-stop....what a great evening spent with good people, and we love Bill!  Our table was in a back corner of the restaurant, and I was facing away from the rest of the tables, so I had no idea we were the last ones in the restaurant at 8:40  It's been a long time since we closed down a restaurant!

We were home around 9:20 pm, and beginning to witness the forecast winds, and heavy cloud cover moving in.....there is an 89% chance of precipitation all day Monday, so we will be hunkering down most of the day.

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