Tuesday, April 5, 2022

A very full day!

 9:04 am - Tuesday - April 5th - Montecito. CA - 77° F, 38% humidity, wind 16 mph out of the dirty by southeast....crystal clear,  blue, skies today with a forecast high of 81° F.  The view this morning....

Monday began early for us as e needed to roll our wheels by 7:20 am to be at Continental Radiator Service before 8 am. We were there by 7:50 am, and by 8:10 am we were parked....

....the removal of the radiator began around 8:30 am, and by 9 am we were embarking on our daily walk.....

....we just kind of made up our walking route as we went along,  and ended up covering 2.74 miles in about 46 minutes. 

Removing the big radiator was a challenge,  and by the time we left at 12:30 pm to pick up our mail,  and then drive to our appointment at Safelite Autoglass to replace the VW windshield they were finally removing the rear Newell bumper to extract the radiator. 

It is probably better for my mental health not to see the entire process, and I was happy I had somewhere else to be for the next couple of days. 

By 2:30 pm the windshield was installed,  and we were on our way north to Montecito to visit my sister Hilary, and her family.  The last time we visited them at their Montecito home was back in April of 2017. 

It took us 2 hours and 45 minutes to traverse the 143 miles (SoCal traffic at its best), which had us arriving around 5:15 pm, just in time for dinner....

....we had a lovely meal,  and sat outside talking about "cabbages and kings " until after 10 pm.

During the night we had some Santa Ana winds, which gave way to the beautiful, cobalt blue skies on Tuesday (see the first pictures in today's blog).

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