Saturday, April 16, 2022


 6:34 am - Saturday - April 16th - Likely, CA - 39° F, humidity 83%, wind 10 mph out of the south by southwest......100% cloud cover, and raining....forecast high for today is 46° F.  On this date in 2018 TLE and I were eating a late lunch at the Salted Pig in Riverside, CA.....a couple of pints of Stone Strawberry Imperial Stout please.....↴

Friday dawned partly cloudy, and by mid morning the sun had come out to play for the first time since we arrived.....

.....Friday was also orientation day for TLE and I.  We walked over to the Clubhouse around 10 am to meet up with Cathy (office manager), and Dennis (RV park manager, and part owner).  We provided our ID's for the I-9 form, picked out shirts we will be wearing while working this summer, and then I went with Dennis on  tour of the campground while TLE went with Cathy to re-familiarize herself with Campground Master (the software they use for reservations, etc.).....TLE has used Campground Master before when we spent 9 months at Ramona Oaks RV Resort.

While we drove around the campground Dennis went over my daily duties, and it turns out I will have quite a variety of jobs.  Each morning I will drive down the Night Registration office to pick up any registrations which occurred after closing time, then flip the sign which tells you were to go during the day to register for a site (the Clubhouse).  Next I will pull out 10 golf carts for use that day on the 18 hole golf course, be sure they are clean, fully charged and/or gassed up (most of the golf carts here are the gasoline type, but there are 5 electric carts), check the tires for proper air pressure, etc.  Next I'll make a run around the entire golf course to be sure there aren't any issues such as stuck sprinklers, dead animals (there is a lot of wild life here), and rake the sand traps.  A few times per week I will run the golf ball retrieval cart up and down the driving range to collect all the golf balls.  I will help people get to their sites as needed, and I will wash golf carts as they are returned at the end of each round.  There is irrigation to take care of in the campground, as well as mowing, and weed whacking, plus making sure each site is clean before the next occupant arrives.  Finally, as needed, I will be a golf course marshal making sure all is well on the golf course.

Since Saturday, April 12th is their opening day, Dennis asked me to pull out the 5 electric carts (they are the most popular) to check the batteries for water level (each one has six 6 volt batteries),and then wash them.  When we pulled the seat up on the first electric cart this is what we saw.....

.....every positive terminal had a new life form developing upon it, and one golf cart was non-op.  So the assignment just became more extensive.  I spent the next 5 hours cleaning each terminal on each battery, as well as all the cable connectors......30 batteries, and 60 terminals later I was done.  Most of the batteries had good water levels, but there were a few cells which needed water added.  By the time I finished with the batteries I had an hour left to wash all 5 for opening day, and I managed to get that done, and put them away by 4:55 pm....perfect.

By 5 pm it was getting cold, and windy, and it was time to head for home.  TLE and I have been assigned one of the gas golf carts for work, and personal use on our days off work.  We will work 4 eight hour days, and then have 4 days off, so our work days each week will change, and that is just fine.  In all I worked 7 hours Friday, and its a good thing, because I don't think I'll be working much Saturday as the forecast is for rain all day, and that forecast rain is falling as I write.

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