Saturday, April 30, 2022

8 days a week......

06:29 am - Saturday - April 30th - Likely, CA - 43° F, 72% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the south by southeast.....heavy cloud cover, but no rain forecast today.  Partly cloudy with a forecast high of 62° F.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were visiting the Library of Congress in Washington D.C......what a beautiful interior!......↴ 

.....the view right now.......

Friday was a gorgeous day from beginning to end, and it was also a very busy day for the golf course.  We rented 14 golf carts during the course of the day, and I think there were 3, or 4 people who brought their own golf carts.  After staging 10 golf carts I took a drive around the golf course to get a few pictures of the surrounding area....

.....and then the work began.  I retrieved a rock rake from the 'Caddie Shack' (not really a caddy shack, but really a tool shed, but that's what 'we' call it) and went around the park raking out a number of large, muddy tire ruts.  It's better to get to them before they dry.  By the time I finished with that TLE was calling me on the two way radio to stage some more carts as she was down to her last one, so I staged the last 5 Yamaha gas carts.  By the end of the day only one cart was left.  

Of course, after you rent out 14 golf carts they always return at some point during the day, and the process is reversed.  I clean/wash them as needed, park them back in the cart shed, plug them in again, and/or fuel up the gas carts.  I think I washed 8 golf carts in the last 50 minutes of my day.

One of my duties as a staff member is to stop and talk with customers, find out if they need anything, or help with anything, and then take care of their requests.   I think I've mentioned that we have two 'Pavilions' here in the park.  Each Pavilion has 10 full hookups in a circle around a central covered pavilion where there is a countertop with a microwave oven, numerous outlets for any other appliances the customers might bring, tables, and chairs.  There is a wall around the southwest facing portion of each pavilion to protect from the prevailing winds out of the southwest.  They are very popular with large groups, and are pretty much rented every weekend of the summer.  I stopped by to chat with the occupants in one of the pavilions and found out they needed a BBQ.  We have one down at the cart shack, so I arranged to have it delivered to them later in the day.

As is also my daily workday custom, I spelled TLE in the office for her hour long lunch break.  Most of the time I spend the entire hour reading, when I'm not answering the phone, or selling a round of golf.  On this day I answered 4, or 5 phone calls, sold two rounds of golf, and a golf cart.  It's kind of a nice break for me in the middle of the work day. After TLE returns I head home to take my lunch break leaving me with just 3.5 hours of work before 5 pm.  After a year working 2-3 hours per day at Seal Rocks RV Cove it is taking me a while to adapt back to a regular 8 hour work day, but I'm getting there.

Fridays area always 'bacon days' in the Hockwald family, so TLE made me a BLT for dinner using that amazing peppered bacon we of the best she has made to date.....definitely restaurant quality.

Since we have to be at work by 7:45 am each day we have  been going to bed at 9 pm on those four days we work, so we're also having to get used to waking up before the sun rises.  After virtually 18 months of rising with the sun that is probably the thing to which it is taking us the longest to adapt.  The reward is being able to sleep in for four mornings in each work cycle (four on, four off)....I'm reminded of the popular Beatles song.....8 days a week.....

8 days a week by the Beatles

....and with that I will leave you....thanks for stopping by!

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