Saturday, April 2, 2022


 7:35 am - Saturday - April 2nd - Elks Backyard, CA - 53° F, humidity 85%, wind 1 mph out of the east by southeast......sunny this morning with a forecast high today of 73° F.  On this date in 2012 we were canoeing with good friend Ernie Prociw in the Intra Coastal Waters near Stuart, FL.......↴

It was heavily overcast again Friday morning, so we didn't begin our walk until about 10 am, at which time it was still cold, and dreary, but we knew within a block, or so we'd be up to operating temperature.  We opted to walk west on Rialto Avenue to Palmetto where we turned north for half a block to pick up the PET for our walk back east to the Elks Lodge..... all we covered (according to Strava) 3.29 miles in 55 minutes and 54 seconds of moving time, gaining just 25' elevation, and incinerating another 565 caloric units, while averaging 3.5 mph......

The ubiquitous post walk 'usie'

I've needed to get my 'ears lowered' for the upcoming nuptials of my granddaughter, Cynthia, for about 10 days now, so I found a local Supercuts directly north of us at which to get the deed done.  I had no appointment, but I arrived shortly before 12 noon to find a completely empty salon, as is often the case just before lunch time, and was seated within 3 minutes.  All told I was there less than 20 minutes.  Man, haircuts in SoCal are getting expensive...$23 for just a haircut.....throw in a shampoo (I didn't) and you're close to $30 now!

I stopped off at Home Depot on my way home to pick up a few stainless steel screws to replace the ones currently fastening the patio awning upper arms to the roofline of the Newell.  The old ones were not stainless steel, and were quite rusty due to our year living in Coastal Oregon...

....I replaced all 8 screws with the stainless steel screws.  I've got a lot more screws to replace on the Newell, and it is time I got to it.  Interestingly, 80% of the screws on the exterior of the Newell are stainless steel, but, inexplicably, about 20% are not.....not sure why that is, as the non stainless screws are identical to the stainless ones, but look original.

For our dinner TLE had me grill the second, and last of the amazingly inexpensive Basha's bacon wrapped filet mignons on the Sea-B-Que.  It took about 11 minutes to get it to 125° F, and a perfect medium rare.  TLE added sautéed mushrooms, and caramelized onions as the side, and a glass of 2019 Coppola Pinot Noir (Diamond Collection)....a perfect dinner....I wish I had remembered to memorialize that filet in picture form.  We have never been disappointed in a single bottle of Coppola Pinot Noir, and always try to buy a couple when we find them on sale.

Originally we were planning on overnighting in the Newell at Continental Radiator (with their permission) Monday night, but we happily received a serendipitous call from my sister Hilary that she and Bob would be at the family estate near Santa Barbara beginning April 2nd for about 10 days, and invited us up to spend a night, or two there, which we readily accepted.  We haven't seen them since the wedding of their daughter Caroline back in May of 2021.  We're hoping the radiator will be done by Tuesday, but if it is not, then we will spend a second night with them....I love serendipity!

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