Thursday, April 28, 2022


 6:27 am - Thursday - April 28th - Likely, CA - 37° F, humidity 72%, wind 4 mph out of the northwest.....heavy cloud cover today with a forecast high of 46° F, and rain/snow....we'll see.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were visiting George Washington's Mt. Vernon......↴

Wednesday was a day of puttering around site #55 for me, and for TLE it was a day of inventorying her pantry, and reorganizing it.  Before all that though I washed the car, mostly to clean all the shattered bug bodies from the windshield, and the front of the VW, and then we then took a 1.25 mile walk around LPRV&G*.  The skies were clear and blue, and the temperature got up to 62° F.....warm enough to don a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops.....

Another obligatory post walk 'usie'

....after returning from our walk I got out the leaf blower, and cleared 3 days worth of wind blown leaves from the artificial turf surface, as well as the grass next to our site.  Then I got out one of the anti-gravity chairs, lounged in the sun, took a long nap, then read.  

Around 3 pm I decided it was finally time to break out some new LED lights I bought at COSTCO in La Quinta, CA back when we were boondocking in the Anza Borrego Desert.  They are the 'Edison' style lights, and I thought they would be perfect over our picnic table here at LPRV&G*.  I first strung a rope from the passenger side Newell window awning out to one of the Western Juniper trees next to the picnic table, looped it over a branch, and then attached it to the patio awning.  I used carabiners on each end to be sure I could detach the ropes quickly in the event of a wind event...... will be nice to have them for alfresco dinning later this summer when it is warm enough to do so.

One of my all time favorite Italian dishes is Chicken Marsala, and TLE is more than capable of producing a restaurant quality version of this dish.  I noticed when we were shopping in Lakeview at the Safeway the other day that she had purchased a bottle of Marsala wine, which gave me hope she was going to prepare Chicken Marsala in the near future, and I was right.....

....Wednesday was Chicken Marsala day!  The preparation she does to make this dish takes her about an hour, and when she is done the kitchen is a mess.....this is one of the ways I know how much she loves me.....:-) the dish she added a side of green beans with sautéed cashews.....OMG....I think I went into a food coma for about an hour after dinner.  The wine was Trader Joe's Old Vine Zinfandel.

After dinner I spent time watching a three part series on the Golf Channel about the life and times of Arnold Palmer....what an amazing man!  Not only was he a great golfer he was a prolific philanthropist, and business man.  I had no idea that he was the one who founded the Golf Channel....everything he touched turned to gold!

Well, it is back to work Thursday for another four day stint, and I am actually looking forward to it after four days of leisure.

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*LPRV&G = Likely Place RV & Golf

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