Sunday, May 1, 2022


 06:31 am - Sunday - May 1st - Likely, CA - 31° F, humidity 88%, wind 3 mph out of the north......mostly clear today with a forecast high of 62° F.  On this date in 2014 I had just finished installing my new (to me) rear bumper on our 1982 Newell.......↴

....the diamond plate you see on the right rear corner was to cover some prior damage (caused by moi).....a picture of the prior damage......

Saturday was a mixed bag as far as weather is concerned.....cold, warm, sunny, cloudy, windy.....but that did not deter our golfing all we rented 22 golf carts.  I initially staged 10 golf carts, as I always do, and then headed out on the golf course to fulfill my 'marshalling' responsibilities' by checking for goose poop at the tee boxes for hole #3 (there was a lot!), and then rake the four sand traps.  By the time I returned about an hour later TLE was calling me on the two way radio to stage more golf carts.  And with that the rest of my day revolved around staging, cleaning and putting away golf carts.  I stayed pretty busy, and the time passed by quickly.....  

A lot of goose poop to pick up!

Saw a white swan on my tour around the golf course

Enjoying the view whilst waiting for TLE at the end of the day....wind blown skies

.....the wind really came up around 4 pm (17 mph out of the west), and for a while I was worried about our patio awning, but the wind direction really plays a role in whether we decide to stow it, and since the wind was coming out of the west (means it was hitting the left rear of the coach) it did just fine.  

TLE and I were home by 5:20 pm to find the awning doing just fine.  One more day of work, and then we are off for another four days.....time do do some more exploring, and to play some more golf.

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