Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Will it every stop?

 8:08 am - Wednesday - May 11th - Likely, CA - 33° F, 73% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the north.....cloudy, and cold today with a forecast high of 51° F.  On this date in 2015 I took my first ride of the summer up to the Emerald Bay overlook at Lake Tahoe.....↴

It is becoming a joke between TLE and I to look out the window and say "Look, it's snowing! LOL!"......for the second consecutive morning we opened the curtains to find snow still on the's the middle of May for crying out loud!  Over the four summers we spent in South Lake Tahoe from 2014 to 2017 we got snow at least one time in May...often in late May, but being here at LPRV&G is a whole new May experience.  Intellectually I realize that eventually it will get warmer, and the snow will stop, but when you wake up for the 8th time since you arrived and find it snowing you begin to wonder if you took a wrong turn somewhere along the wonder if it will ever stop snowing.  Of course, in the overall scheme of things we would rather have snow because it doesn't get so wet, and, frankly, California is in the middle of a three year drought, so moisture of any kind in May is appreciated by the locals.  As I often tell TLE we will look back upon these cold days in late August with fondness when it gets near 100°

We spent virtually the entire morning indoors for obvious reasons, but by noon time we decided we needed to get out for a little, so we drove cart #20 over to the Club House to have lunch at the Café.  They have a great menu, but TLE and I were enticed by the special of the day.....Mushroom and Swiss Hamburger with we placed two orders for that and seated ourselves at the nearest table.....the Café had a very busy breakfast session serving 22 breakfasts, but there was only one other couple besides us in for lunch.....

Awaiting our Mushroom & Swiss hamburgers

.....we had several Amazon packages arrive Tuesday, and one of them had a clear vinyl windshield for golf cart #20.....those older Club Cars had no windshields, and on cold, rainy/snowy days a windshield comes in pretty handy.  It costs us about $27, and it fits the cart wonderfully.....

.....speaking of Amazon packages and deliveries, one of the downsides to living in such a remote, rural area is mail and packages take longer to reach their destination.  We got spoiled when we were in Arizona, and SoCal during the winter with overnight deliveries occurring pretty much all of the time.....many things would arrive in less than 24 hours from the time we ordered them.  Here at LPRV&G it takes two to three times longer for mail and packages to arrive, but they do get here, eventually.

Going to lunch was our lone venture outdoors Tuesday as we spent the rest of the afternoon inside the warm confines of the Newell reading, napping, and being thankful for such a nice, cozy home.  Our Newell Classic, like all Newells, is very well insulated, and is definitely a 4 season coach.  Speaking of Newell Classics, I have become aware of another 1982 Newell, like ours, which is coming up for sale in the near future.  It is 38' feet in length.....2 feet longer than is in great condition, and all maintenance is up to date, so if you are interested, please contact me by leaving a message at the bottom of this post with your phone number, or email address, and I will contact you with more details.

It looks like the snow is done for now, but the cold weather remains for another few days....we should get back into the 70's by Saturday, but the overnight temps will remain in the 30's for the foreseeable future.  By the way, the heat tape I applied to the two water connections for the Newell more frozen water lines, and it's a good thing I installed that heat tape as the temps the last couple of nights have been in the 20's for 6-7 hours at a time.

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