Saturday, May 14, 2022

What's Rite is right......

 6:17 am - Saturday - May 14th - Likely, CA - 40° F, 81% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the southeast.....partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 72° F.  On this date in 2012 TLE and I were riding our Cannondale tandem bike along the Jordan River in Utah......↴

My last haircut (March 31st) was just before my granddaughter's wedding (April 2nd), which means it has been over 6 weeks, and am I ever do for one again.   I made a few calls into Alturas looking for an appointment to have my ears lowered, but the earliest I could get was June 3rd.....wait, what?  Then I remembered we are driving down to Reno next Wednesday, and my problem was solved.  TLE has an eye appointment at the Carson City COSTCO that day, and there is a Supercuts a few blocks away, so I'll get my haircut then.  I guess I'm going to have to think ahead in the future, and make an appointment for a haircut well in advance of when I'm going to need one.

My reason for trying to get my haircut Friday was we were going into Alturas anyway to shop, and to pick up my prescriptions at Rite Aid.  Ironically, Rite Aid is also the go to place for alcohol purchases....they have the best selection of wine and liquor, as well as best prices of anyone in town......who would have thought.  My prescriptions were ready as promised, and only cost a few bucks more than I have been paying elsewhere.  It has apparently been a long time since I used my rewards card at Rite Aid as the still had my 'sticks and bricks' address, and old land line phone number in their system....well, not anymore.  From there we drove a few blocks over to Holiday Market to do our food shopping, and then it was home.  

We were back around 1 pm, and it was breezy, and chilly.  I had wanted to hit a bucket of balls, and do some putting, but it was too windy so I watched some golf, and took a nap.  Finally, by 2:30 pm it had warmed up, and the wind had abated so I hopped in cart #20 and headed over to the Club House.  I worked on my irons for about half the bucket of balls, and then my driver, and fairway woods for the balance.  I was pleased with my consistency, hitting about 3/4's of the balls straight and long.  On the putting green I tried one of my other putters, and found I like the weight, and feel of it much better than the Taylor Made one I was using.  The second putter (Precision) is a very similar design, but just has a much better balance to it, and I putted the best I have putted since we arrived.  There is a putting contest every Saturday afternoon here at LPRV&G, and so far I have not made it out of the first round of single elimination.  I'm hoping I will do that this Saturday.

I returned home around 4 pm, and then TLE and I took our daily 1.25 mile walk around the that time it had warmed up considerably, and no watch cap, or gloves were required to stay warm.   It's back to work Saturday for another 4 day stint, and then off to Reno for an overnight stay.  I'll get my lab work done, a haircut, TLE' eye appointment, and have dinner with my cousin Lois, and her husband John before driving back home's nice having four day weekends, isn't it?

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