Monday, May 30, 2022

The winds of Likely.....

6:19 am - Monday - May 30th - Likely, CA - 31° F, humidity 81%, wind 3 mph out of the north by northwest......partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 57° F.  On this date in 2018 TLE and I hiked to the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia NP.....↴

 Originally we had planned to drive into Alturas Sunday to do some 'junking' and finish off the foray with a taco lunch at Rubios Taqueria, but TLE found out the thrift stores were closed on Sunday, so it seemed silly to drive 40 miles round trip just to have tacos.  As a result we aborted that plan, and stayed close to home.   It was also our second day of high winds, which kept us mostly indoors all day.  We did, however, take one walk around park doing our 1.25 mile loop.....

.....yes it was quite cold factoring in the  wind chill factor.  Other than that we had lunch with Charles and Phyllis at their Landmark 5th wheel.....they made tacos since we didn't get to go into sweet!  We spent time talking and laughing as we always do, and then headed home for the afternoon where I took a nap, and watched some of the Indy 500, and the 4th round of the Colonial PGA tournament in Dallas, TX.  We headed back to Charles and Phyllis' around 6 pm for a plate of St. Louis style BBQ'd pork ribs, and were they ever good....the meat just fell off the bones!  We're going to have to go on a diet after they leave, but wait....we're already on a

With the windy conditions we did not do much of anything else Sunday, and sometimes that is what life, along with weather gives you.  It was nice to have a day where we pretty much stayed inside all day, but, on the other hand, we did get to spend a lot of time with Charles and Phyllis.  

Speaking of diets, we are still maintaining our individual weight losses, still experiencing great sleep at night, and my blood pressure continues to be way lower than before we began the diet.  My biggest issue is clothes that do not fit me anymore, especially my collection of cargo shorts, which do not want to stay on my shrinking waistline, and my belts which are now too long by a few inches.  All that being said, there are worse problems than loose fitting closes, right?

The winds finally began to abate around 10 pm, and when we awoke this morning (Monday) there was virtually no wind.  It is, however, still very cold as you can tell from the temps I reported at the beginning of today's blog looks like I'll be wearing pants and a coat to work today.

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