Friday, May 6, 2022

My soul for a good taco!

 6:18 am - Friday - May 6th - Likely, CA - 49° F, 73% humidity, wind 8 mph out of the south by southwest.....windy, and cloudy today with a forecast high of 66° F, and possible rain this evening after 8 pm.  On this date in 2014 we were in North Platte, NB having dinner at Bailey's American was right across the street from the Walmart where we were overnighting......↴

Thursday dawned cloudy, and windy, but around mid morning we took a walk anyway.  TLE doesn't like to walk in the wind, but on this day she consented.  We walked out Likely Place Road again to the property boundary like the day before, but this time we turned right on the perimeter road.  This section is much longer than the section we did the day before.....

....the views here are long, and big.....we love it!.....

Golf course on the right (17th fairway), and cattle ranch on the left all we walked 3.42 miles in just over one hour gaining 210' in elevation, and incinerating almost 600 caloric units.... the time we returned in was going on noon time, and it was time for us to head into Alturas once again.  We try to drive into Alturas once a week on on our days off work, but I neglected to stop in at the local RiteAid on Tuesday to see if I could transfer my prescriptions there, and what their cost would be when they renew the first of June.  I was able to confirm that I can transfer them there, and they will cost roughly the same as what I have been paying.  While I was at the pharmacy desk TLE was checking out their alcohol section, and found out they had the best wine, and liquor selection of any store in town, including the local liquor store.....who would have thought?

While we were in town we stopped at the market to pick up a bottle of avocado oil, which she had forgotten to buy on Tuesday.  She likes Avocado oil as it doesn't get rancid like the others.  Next up was a stop at Ace Hardware where I bought a couple of bicycle tubes of the 26" variety.  That pesky loaner bike tube has too many holes in it, so I decided to get a new one.  I'll put two patches on a tube, and if it still leaks I'm done.  Our final stop was at Rubio's Taqueria to pick up a late lunch.  We couldn't stop thinking about the tacos we had on Tuesday, and had to have a repeat performance.  We took them home to eat as it was too windy outside.  Needless to say, the tacos were once again spectacular....OMG

We tried to top off our propane tank back on April 12th when we drove the final 200 miles to Likely Place, but it was so cold that morning that the pump would not seal against the fitting on our tank.  I was pretty sure we had enough propane to get us to October, but who wants to roll the dice with that?  One of the permanent tenants was getting a propane delivery Thursday so he stopped by my site to top me only took 13 gallons, so I was right in thinking we had enough, but now we will not have to worry....

.....years ago when first bought the Newell we could never find anything in our storage bins, so TLE numbered them all, and labeled the diesel bin, and propane bin.....the propane bin is #4 on the driver side, and has LPG on it......see above.

I had another break through on the weight front dropping another 1.4 pounds down to 185.4 this week....only two pounds to go to my 30 pound weight loss goal!....

....notice how good my blood pressure reading is for Thursday.

Just as I was getting ready to close the curtains for the night I caught this beautiful, wind swept sunset......

.....thanks for stopping by!

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