Friday, May 20, 2022

Out and back.....

07:15 am - Friday - May 20th - Likely, CA -  35° F, 47% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the northeast.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 60° F.  Got down to 30° F overnight.....brrrrr!  On this date in 2014 it was snowing in South Lake Tahoe......↴

We had planned to 'sleep in' Thursday morning, but we went to bed at 9:30 pm the night before, and were up before 6:30 am....oh well!  In spite of that we did not check out until almost 8:30 am.  The Grand Sierra is 1 block from US-395, and within a minute we were heading up the hill out of the Reno/Sparks basin.....

.....within an hour we were pulling into the Rest Area just before the Standish cutoff, and had just over an hour of driving left.  We hit the same construction area again, but just as northbound traffic was beginning to move again.  The only problem was we had to pass about a dozen semi trucks before we could get back up 70 mph.  Nonetheless, we still arrived at the entrance to Likely Place Golf and RV Resort (LPGRVR) at 11 am with most of the day still ahead of us.  Unfortunately, the wind was blowing in the mid teens, and got up to 20 mph a few times, so outdoor activity was limited by that, not to mention it was only 55° F.  Thank goodness we had the good sense to stow our patio awning in case the winds returned while we were gone......

There was very little traffic Thursday, which makes for stress free driving....just set the cruise control, and hang onto the steering wheel.

.....TLE spent the afternoon running one load after another through our splendid Splendide washer/dryer.  While our fellow employees make multiple trips down to the laundry to do their wash each week, we can do it in the comfort of the Newell without ever stepping out the door.  We are so thankful we have an onboard washer/dryer.  

While the Splendide was doing its thing, TLE and I watched the first round of the PGA, one of the four major golf tournaments each year, which also includes the Masters, US Open, and The British Open....officially called THE OPEN.  I didn't feel that tired when I got home, but, apparently, I took a couple of naps during the long afternoon.

Whenever we take a trip of any kind we always pray for 'uneventful', and that is what we got for our overnight trip to Reno.  In all we covered about 400 miles in two days of driving (310 round trip to Reno, plus the extra 65 round trip from Reno down to Carson City, and 25 round trip to have dinner with my cousin), but it did not feel like we drove that far.  Nothing like driving lonely, mostly empty highways in rural America to reduce the stress level of travel.

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