Tuesday, May 10, 2022


 6:25 am - Tuesday - May 10th - Likely, CA - 28° F, 92% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the north by northwest......cloudy, snowy, COLD!  Forecast high for this fine day is 42° F, with a chance of snow later this morning.  For the first time since we arrived April 12th there has been snow on the ground for over 24 hours....the view this morning......↴

......the view yesterday morning......

I'm sure you've probably heard this famous Mark Twain quote more than once, but it has been on my mind a lot lately, so I am going to burden you with it one more time...."The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco...".  It is one of my favorite Mark Twain utterances.  Well, just change the location to Likely Place, and you will literally get my inference.  While it may not literally be summer here in Likely, CA yet, it certainly bears no resemblance, whatsoever, to Spring, or Summer as I sit at my laptop to write my latest missive.  Our electric heaters have been going 24/7 for at least 3 days.  I am assured by all those with whom I work that this is an unusual May by any standard.

"How cold is it?" you might ask?  Well, early Monday morning, pre dawn, our water line froze, which meant the temperature must have been below freezing for many hours.  To answer your question, 'Yes' we have a heated water hose, which, so far, has kept our water from freezing, but I had not installed heat tape around the RV park hose bib, or around the Newell hose bib, to which the heated hose attaches.  Needless to say, I installed heat tape on those two vulnerable points Monday afternoon. 

Anyway, I was up around 4 am to use the bathroom, and when I went to flush there was no water flowing into the bowl.....I had to turn on our water pump, and use water from our fresh water tank, which is kept at a lovely 60° F by our basement electric heater, to flush the bowl. It's so cold I'm thinking about installing heated seats in our golf cart.....lol.  Nothing like sitting on a frozen, vinyl seat at 7:40 am in the morning to start your day off with a bang.

Speaking of getting one's day started with a bang I recently invested (I mean that literally....buying anything made by Yeti is a financial investment that will, hopefully, pay off in about a year, or so....lol) in a $38 travel mug made by Yeti.  The one I bought is a 20 oz. cup, and literally will keep my coffee hot to the taste for 5, or 6 hours.  It can sit in the cup holder on my golf cart in freezing temperatures, as it has the past few days, and my coffee stays HOT!  If you think Yet's coffee cups are expensive try pricing one of their coolers.....a 24 quart one costs $250!  Yes, they are expensive, but they are the best out there....no one is even in the same ballpark with Yeti when it comes to keeping things hot, or cold without the aid of electricity.....

.....I arrived at the Club House around 7:45 am knowing I was not going to do much, if any work Monday as it was snowing.....no one was going to play golf, so no golf carts to stage, or clean.....no grass to mow, that's for sure.....an no more bicycles to fix.  I hung out in the Café drinking coffee, and talking with DeWayne and Dennis for about an hour before heading for home to spend the day reading.....

Maybe I should invest in some snow chains for the golf cart.....lol!
New to me ball/golf club cleaner

......maybe you noticed that I've acquired a ball/golf club cleaner for #20....the older Club Cars, which is what I have to use here at LPRV&G, do not have ball cleaners, and there are no ball cleaners out on the course, so I really needed/wanted one for when  I play.  I found this one in the Caddie Shack not being used, so I appropriated it for #20.

Even though I was unable to work Monday I was on call if needed, and twice during the day I received calls from TLE over the 2-way radio to assist customers with electric issues at their sites, and at the end of the day she asked me to come into the office to do her vacuuming while she did the 'closing' on the computer, cash register, and credit card scanner.  I didn't stay dressed up in my work clothes, so each time she called I had to get dressed up like an Eskimo again.....I know, life is tough, and then you die.....lol.

At any rate that was how Monday went down.....now we are off work for four days before repeating our eight day cycle once again.  In spite of the winter like weather here at LPRV&G we are loving our lives here.  I know I've said previously that this is the most remote place we have ever worked, and it is true.  We are in Modoc County which has just one incorporated city.....Alturas, and we live 20 miles from that city.  The cattle population (33,000) is four times larger than the human population (8,700) in Modoc County.....apparently, everybody in Modoc county raises cows.

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