Thursday, May 12, 2022


 8:38 am - Thursday - May 12th - Likely, CA - 44° F, 58% humidity, wind 8 mph out of the south.....heavy cloud cover today, but no rain/snow forecast....there is a forecast high of 54° F.  On this date in 2018 we arrived at Smuggler's Den in Southwest Harbor, ME to spend the next 5 months working and exploring.....little did we know we would not even make it to the 3 month mark.....↴

....all that being said, we had a wonderful summer there exploring Acadia National Park....just not so much fun working at Smuggler's Den.

I began my day with a video checkup conference via Microsoft Teams with my cardiologist, Dr. Mulvihill, who is down in the Poway, CA (near San Diego) area.  My last video conference was almost a year ago, and it was time to renew my prescriptions.  He was happy with my weight loss, and improved blood pressure readings.  The main purpose of the video conference was to get my prescriptions renewed for another year, and transferred up to the Rite Aid here in Alturas, which he agreed to do.  I will need get some lab work done in the next few weeks, and see him in person sometime in the next year, so that will probably happen in October, or November after we finish the summer season here at LPRV&G.  We'll have to drive down to the Reno area to get the labs done, so we'll plan an overnight trip in the next couple of weeks to do that, and visit my cousin Lois.

There were a few snow flurries Wednesday, but never full on snow, or rain, so that is a good thing, right?  It was, however, bitter cold most of the day until about 3 pm when we hit the forecast high for the day of 51° F.  It was at that opportune time we decided to take do our loop walk around the park, which usually comes out to 1.25 miles.  We were struck by how much snow is on the local peaks.....more than when we arrived one month ago....

Focus on the mountain between the travel trailer and the tree to its left

.....the rest of the day we spent indoors with the heaters running until late afternoon when we took our walk.  Thank goodness for our wonderful, efficient electric heaters....we have saved a ton in propane costs not having to run our propane heaters.  The only appliance in our coach which uses propane on a daily basis is the Girard tankless water heater.....our gas stove/oven is used infrequently when we are hooked up to city utilities.

We watched 'Survivor' again last night, and there was another 'blindside' that caught us totally by surprise again.  Enjoying watching the evolution of each person in Season 42.  

Each time we pass the two day mark on our off days we smile knowing we still have two more days.  Even when we have inclement weather, we know we still have a couple of more days to enjoy good weather, and that is what it appears we will get this time.  The short term weather outlook appears promising....

....the 10 day forecast shows no appreciable precipitation, and some temps in the 60's and 70's.  It will be nice, however, when we no longer see lows in the 30'  Looks like good golf weather on Friday!

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