Monday, May 2, 2022

FREE is the operative word.....

 8:19 am - Monday - May 2nd - Likely, CA - 40° F, humidity 84%, wind 10 mph out of the west by northwest......cloudy, drizzling, raining, snowing, sleeting....pick your poison, because it's happing this  Forecast high for today is 47° F.  On this date in 2018 TLE and I visited the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH on the shores of Lake Erie.....↴

Sunday began cloudy, and ominous, but turned into a beautiful, virtually cloudless, windless, sun shinny day.  For a Sunday it was pretty busy on the golf course as we rented 17 golf carts, which kept me busy for most of the day.  I started the day wearing my winter parka, watch cap, and heavy gloves, but by the end of the day I was wearing my Gilligan hat, no coat, no gloves.....just a long sleeved shirt, pants, and Keen work shoes....

.....when I had a few slack periods during the day I spent time cleaning the 5 sets of golf clubs we have on hand for customers to use......for free, and some range balls.  FREE is one of the cool things about Likely Place Golf and RV Resort.....they do not ding you to death with charges.  We have a fleet of bicycles available for use by customers for free.  Additionally, there are SUP's, kayaks, canoes, paddles, horseshoes, bocce balls.  No deposits's all on the honor system.  You just have to sign them out, and promise to bring them back.  If you have a large group there is a kayak/SUP/canoe trailer you can borrow to haul all of them to nearby West Valley Reservoir (6 miles from LPRV&G), or Blue Lake (17 miles from LPRV&G....

.....we have several ponds on the property, and customers (employees, too) are able to fish them for free, without a fishing license as they are on private is 'catch and release'.  The ponds have large mouth bass, blue gill, crappie, rainbow trout, browns, & catfish.....the fish that are currently in our ponds are the descendants of the original fish put there by the owners back in the late 90's....the ponds have never been stocked since then.

As the day wound down to 5 pm I was cleaning 5-6 golf carts at a time.  If they were gas carts I fueled them up before washing them, and then the process began of backing them, one at a time, into the cart shack.  The last cart came in around 4:55 pm, so I quickly fueled it up, washed it, and put it in the cart shack.  TLE had a lot of work to do to close the books on April....Kathy, who is the office manager, was there to assist her, so I headed for home after asking Kathy if she could bring TLE home.  By the time she arrived I was sitting outside on the 'lido deck' enjoying the beautiful evening with a few fingers of Scotch, and a cigar....TLE joined me with a glass of wine a few minutes later.....a very nice way in which to end a very nice work for four days off work to play golf, explore a few thrift shops in Alturas, and take the drive over to West Valley Reservoir and Blue is good!

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